Download SnapChat for the BlackBerry Z10

By March 13, 2013 Android 13 Comments

I have gotten tons of requests for how to get Snapchat up and running on BlackBerry 10. It’s simple as any sideloading job, when you have the right file that is. Below I’ve got a video rundown of the application and links to get it up and running on your device. Sideloading tutorial is very clear, thanks to Michael from BBe for that tutorial. If you can read, you can get this working. Snapchat allows you to ‘snap’ pictures and send them to your friends for an allotted period of time. For quick easy sending of those shameless selfies.

BBe - How to Sideload

Download Snapchat for BlackBerry 10

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  • tonya

    How do I download snap chat to my blackberry z10?

  • Maria Arends


  • colin

    How do I down load snap chat

  • eluse


  • ben

    I’m getting so annoyed how do I download snap chat

    • James N. @jmznvs

      Ben, Mediafire took down my link but the guys over at Goodereader have you covered:

  • jmznvs

    Have updated guys!

  • kitch91

    video still doenst work ? when will that be up and runnning

    • jmznvs

      Will need a newer version of the .APK and a newer runtime, which BB doesn’t yet offer to the public

  • mol

    i cant download it onto my z10?

    • James N. @jmznvs

      you have to install it using your computer Mol

  • megan

    so does it really work? or is this just a load of crap?

  • Kelly Catterall

    Im trying to download snap chat to z10 it dus download to my files but wen go to says unable to open file… help really want t b part of snap chat world… thanks

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