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So this morning I posted to twitter the bottom of what was sent to me as a “Z5″ however looking at the image I highly suspect it to be a fake. I emailed back the sender asking the legitimacy of the image. I only got another image, and more questions. Why haven’t we heard of the “Z5″ the mid-ranged all touch device to brother the Q5? In my opinion that’s because BlackBerry doesn’t intend to launch one, not for several months anyway. With the Aristo set to arrive early this holiday season, it will essentially dwarf the Z10, and make it a “mid-ranged all touch”. SO what are we looking at exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. Someone on photo shop with too much time or a promotional image that has leaked out–I was ready to completely disregard the image as false, until the original sender sent me this: (Click to Enlarge-the photo is HUGE)

Now let me reiterate I don’t think there will be a Z5, I’m just sharing what’s been brought to my attention. Whatever these images amount to, they get you wondering. We were told “6 Devices” for 2013. And so far we’ve only seen 3. We’ve got a good Z5 discussion in the forums on the strategies and execution of BlackBerry regarding emerging markets and lower end handsets. What bothers me about the image above is that it looks like the top of the Q5, but is missing the ports–and it looks like, the glass goes edge to edge, which it almost does on the Q5, but not quite. Prototype? 86’d? Who knows what we’re looking at really, any thoughts? Can someone shed some more light on the subject? Do you want to see a ‘Z5′ from BlackBerry?


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