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Snapchat 4 BB10

By June 11, 2013BlackBerry

I have gotten tons of requests for how to get Snapchat up and running on BlackBerry 10. It’s simple as any sideloading job, when you have the right file that is. Below I’ve got a video rundown of the application and links to get it up and running on your device. Sideloading tutorial is very clear, thanks to Michael from BBe for that tutorial.If you can read, you can get this working. Snapchat allows you to ‘snap’ pictures and send them to your friends for an allotted period of time. For quick easy sending of those shameless selfies.

BBe: How to Sideload Apps to your BB10 Device +
Download Snapchat for BlackBerry 10

James Nieves

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  • shindahrah

    Same here…wen I downloaded it twas unable 2 open

  • rashed

    I installed it but the pics are unclear

  • Tom

    When I download it, it just says that it’s unable to open it when it’s downloaded!

    • Tom you must download the file to your computer and then sideload it. Youre BlackBerry 10 device is the only thing that can open it (only via sideloading) there are methods references with the post to help you sideload