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Workahol App Overview Stylizing your ToDo

By July 1, 2013APPS, Video

I’ve spent some time with Workahol testing it out against the native Remember application to see how it stacks up in terms on managing your todo lists and other important quick thoughts. After a week tracking expenses, and making the odd list or two using both Remember and Workahol at the same time. Workahol has many advantages that aren’t available in Remember and vice versa. While the video below is just an overview of the application, the latter half of this article will be dedicated to some of the differences I experienced while using both apps in tandem to see which served my needs the best.


The main difference I found between the apps was the organization of information. Remember is essentially just a note pad where you can stylize text in a simple editor and make numbered and bulleted lists. While this is great–generally easy on the eyes and effective for large quantities of information it lacks an interactivity that Workahol provides. Instead of divesting different panes and folders to different entries, Workahol streamlines notes, lists, and expenses into one window you can move quickly between.

workahol_whiteZOn lists and expenses you can clear them with a check box which gives you context when you look back within your entries to see what you have and haven’t taken care of–yes you could go back and edit a Remember entry pretty quickly but Workahols implementation is more concise and user friendly. You can see entries by priority or in alphabetical order.

Whats more is that Workahol is BBM connected meaning you get a deeper level of engagement with those contacts. You can share across core and 3rd party services to send your entries wherever you need them, this I found made more sense from Workahol. Remember is a good repository but you can’t share from it… Another place Workahol outpaces Remember.
Don’t get me wrong Remember is a good application, it handles tagging and voice recordings as well. But it seems closer to an ‘Evernote’ type client than a productivity tool for ToDo like Workahol. (What’s more is if you do use Evernote it integrates into Remember, and because of Workahols sharing invocation you can share anything in Workahol TO Remember or Evernote. But as I said Remember doesn’t do that the other way.

Lastly the way Workahol makes you mark the priority of each entries means you can sort through your items more efficiently and don’t have to “dig” them up, which if you handle a lot of entries is a pain in Remember. Overall if you’re looking for a stylish todo application this is your best bet. I highly recommend it if Remember doesn’t suit your specific needs. Built on an HTML5 foundation and the BBUI.js framework this app is proof not only of the functionality of HTML5 in programming but that you can achieve that native look and feel without sacrificing the effectiveness of your applications design.

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