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3D Printed Z10 ‘Peek’ Holster Concept


Steve Purvey, a design intern for BlackBerry UK led a Z10 design development to build a carry solution for the new all touch smartphone. While his concepts don’t seem to have made the light of day, I want to share the project here because to be frank, I love the design ideology. His semi-final work can be seen above in the the pictured 3D printed prototype (5th photo in the gallery).

You can move through the gallery to see more shots of the project as it grew. Essentially the “Peek” holster allows you to check specific notification types without having to remove the device from the holster. With the LED light visible through the case it’s a smart–attractive solution that bound in genuine leather would be such a nice case. Can’t figure why BlackBerry didn’t move forward with these. I can see some legitimate use cases for this concept, what do you think? The “Holster” reimagined for BlackBerry 10. More shots after the break //.

Source: Steve Purvey

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  • Midgeone

    We need a holster like we used to get with the BlackBerry bolds but for Z10, Q10 etc. This looks ideal for my Z10. WHERE can I get one?

  • El Migue

    I want two!

  • G-man

    I like it. Mighta had to buy one. (sigh)

  • Kevyn

    soo is he going too sell these on a site some where?

    • I doubt it although I feel like people would buy them in a heartbeat

    • jmznvs

      Doubt it