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BeFlow app demonstrates the power of BlackBerry Cascades

Keep up with all the communique from BerryFlow direct on your BB10 device. We currently support every released device from Z10-Q5. We have also received the Built for BlackBerry certification because, well, quality has everything to do with our work at BerryFlow.

This app makes fantastic, and clever, use of BlackBerry Native Cascades WebView which pulls in the entirety of the panes in application from the BerryFlow servers or the interwebs (like our Twitter page). Check out the app here, and read more for background info on what makes BeFlow special.

Download BeFlow Free from BlackBerry World

Alex @Flip4Bytes did a great job mobilizing certain aspects of the application like the Twitter and  the Forums. These webview calls are done while the app loads up, and its great to see how diverse the content you can wrap up natively is.

BeFlow Screenshot

Because the application pulls in the web you get a full experience nothing is “skinned down” or features botched.

Building a totally ground up application that has the same amount of features as BeFlow would take a good amount of development effort and time (WordPress is integrated as well so that I can update the apps content within the app). Yet utilizing webview the development time was dramatically reduced.

What’s more is changes I make on the server automatically display through the app, meaning I can update my layout endlessly within the apps wrapping and not have to continuously submit new builds to BB World just to refresh up the landing page. This keeps ME as a content creator moving, and allows me to be more flexible with my content.

BeFlow is a great example of the power of BlackBerrys Cascades. As a model imagine natively wrapping more responsive webpages- think about how much you can reduce app deployment and uptime. While a truly, ground up Cascades application can build almost anything you can imagine, for practical purposes this works stupendously.

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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