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BlackBerry ‘Hub Attachments’ via attachment picker on BB10

BlackBerry 10.2 brings in a hoard of new efficiency mediums for the BB10 platform. Now you’re able to bypass email forwarding or reattaching files for emails via an Attachment Picker built into the BB Hub. Attachment picker goes through your inbox/outbox and aggregates all your attachments. This aggregation allows you to easily attach attachments to NEW emails without having to forward the entire correspondence. This is a much simpler and ultimately more secure method of sharing media across your email channels. Check out the video for a full rundown.

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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  • Waka

    Thanks for the videos! More please :D (only if there are new features of course)

  • Lamar

    thats actually pretty cool. That’s what makes a blackberry, a blackberry!