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BlackBerry Selling Unlocked BB10 Phones Through ShopBlackBerry on the Web

By September 28, 2013BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10

It seems as news of T-Mobile cutting BlackBerry out of brick and mortar, opting for direct shipments, BlackBerry has opened up ShopBlackBerry to selling unlocked versions of their Z10 and Q10 devices for 449.99 and 549.99 respectively. They’ve broken down the shop into (With Plans) or Unlocked signaling carriers will still likely maintain a BB lineup for some time.

TMobile has been struggling for awhile against AT&T and Verizon cutting out the less than popular BlackBerrys is a logical step. No one’s lining up to buy a Z10. Likely the BlackBerry Z30 will be available on T-Mobile via direct ship, and that they will still have devices in store for demo, just none you can take home with you.


Source: ShopBlackBerry

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    Why did BlackBerry take so long to get this done! If nothing else i now truly believe that Thorsten Heins and Prem Watsa are going to be smiling their way to the bank having duping 90% shareholders. What a fantastic setup – I sincerely hope that I am proven wrong.

    I will continue to buy BlackBerry BB10 phones not only because they are probably the best out there but because, as a (duped) shareholder, it will serve me as a reminder of being duped by two people who seem to have turned out to be crooks. Given where he comes from and his humble roots I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that Prem Watsa will turn out to be a crook! As a shareholder I will vote against this sale – hope the other 90% will join in.