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BB10 Devices Utilize A Proprietary Enhanced Super Resolution Digital Zoom

By November 6, 2013BlackBerry 10

How this escaped me is nothing but a nice surprise. My buddy Ronell sent out a blast on the Twitsphere touting a killer BB10 feature for BlackBerry’s new lineup of devices, an enhanced super resolution digital zoom, proprietary to them. And it’s amusing because I’ve always been blown away at the clarity and level of zoom you have on BlackBerry 10 OS without noticeable pixel distortion. On a Z10 with its pixel-dense screen you can get marvelous up close detail. I’m really pleased with how much they’ve improved their camera/imaging technology from BBOS-BB10. It’s a reminder of how far a departure this new OS is, and how fast it will mature into a top contender for the market. Here’s the blast (oh and it seems this imaging technology is in use across multiple BB10 devices, not just the Z30.


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