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Exclusive: BlackBerry Blend, Dashboard, Fuse and PicPassword 10.2.1

By November 10, 2013BlackBerry 10, News

Prying eyes have opened up files from BlackBerry 10 OS and have begun to see the start of several interesting developments. In the days of the PlayBook Tablet we had a Bluetooth bridge that connected our comms from phone to the larger display. Seems BlackBerry is working to bring that same idea back in a new way. Inside the OS are two new files of note showing nascent intentions for coming software releases:  a FUSE.bar and PicPassword.bar

Picture Password:

This seems like a really neat way to customize the lockscreen for BB10 and add an additional layer of security for users. As the last bullet elaborates. It seems you end up dragging numbers to certain areas of the picture in order to unlock the device.
Thanks @AVPTIx  !

BlackBerry Blends: Fuse-Dashboard

Short version: This is a web-html page built as an interface wrapped within the sys.fuse.bar file. What this interface could represent is a shell, or bare-bones web extension of the application, which as the video suggests “Blends” your BBM, SMS, and HUB notifications from a device over to a peripheral screen via a unified dashboard. The dashboard is, within the files, called BlackBerry Dashboard. Fuse seems to be a Lvl2 version of the previous shown on video ChatBlends. In it’s current state its  hardcoded and mainly a front end with no mechanics behind it. A shell more or less, a placeholder for what’s to come.  Thanks for sharing this to the community Lengend!

All in all 10.2.1 is looking to be a killer OS update–one to set the stage for some of the killer programs we’ve been waiting for since 2010. Rumored as well are new shooting modes for the camera, 60 frames-per-sec camera, panorama, face focus and more. As well, recent rumors have been brewing that 10.2.1 will bring down the walls within the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 runtime and allow support from outside partnerships to begin the influx of Android applications into BlackBerry World. Some sources claim multiple stores will be tapped in order to boost the application portfolio for BB World in an attempt to bring around a fourth contender to combat MS, Apple and Samsung.

Time will tell the full tale, definitely some things brewing up North, eh?


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  • GregKorman

    Nice exclusive! :) I’m still not fully sure what blend is though… :/

    • jmznvs

      The world may never know

  • king125

    Wow looks really great. They should use those colorful icon designs(the small ones) in the actual os in my opinion because they look really unified and colourful which BB10 in my opinion sort of lacks.