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How BlackBerry 10s 4.2.2 Android Runtime Has Achieved Its Remarkable Unlocked Performance

By November 25, 2013BlackBerry

The Register  has posted an exclusive look into the hackery involved in the generation of unmodded Android Jelly Bean support within the entirely QNX core operating system BB10. By stitching together common supported Linux libraries and filling in some of the binary dark areas, BlackBerry was able to create what forum followers know as the ‘Unlocked Android Runtime’ this runtime accepts triggers from applications and dynamically loads it without giving of the kernel stability.  Essentially BlackBerry has stiched Linus API calls and shimmed them across to work on the QNX OS.

Indeed the speed with which BlackBerry 10.2 can deploy Android apps is remarkable, and on devices like the Z30 which has an added quad core graphics unit its a near native experience. And on 10.2.1 you can install Android .apks direct on the device gone are the needs for sideloading. A truly interesting development. The register closes their article well so I’ll replicate it here.

It’s an ambitious “hack” – in the old-school sense of the word, an ingenious piece of wizardry – that has thrown BlackBerry a lifeline. And just when it needs it. Here’s hoping it’s a reminder to BlackBerry’s new management to appreciate the talent of its engineers. @AndrewOrlowski

Thanks for sharing this Ronell!

The Register

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