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Rumored: BlackBerry 10.2.1 To Bring Full Android App Virtualization and Linked App Ecosystem

By November 8, 2013APPS, BlackBerry 10

A thread live and kicking in CB Forums has brought forth several arguments and would-be explanations behind BlackBerry and Google uniting ecosystems for BlackBerry World allowing full access of Android apps within BlackBerry World. Could this deal potentially make money for Google while allowing BlackBerry to solve it’s biggest problem, apps? Sporting a 4.2.2 Android Jelly Bean runtime on BlackBerry 10.2, I speculated back in May BlackBerry was working to amass an app catalog of up to 1 million and take the fight directly to Apple and Samsung.

And I wasn’t taking out of THIN AIR Jefferies in a research report made such claims:

“The Blackberry 10 has got the support from a private company, which will allow the whole Android catalog to be ported on BB10 devices, and the user will feel that the whole catalog is native and has not been ported. The company will provide the solution that will be a link between BB10 and Android ecosystem of more than 700,000 touch enabled apps”

Within the latest forums comes an interesting reasoning behind all the subterfuge:


Actually you’re incorrect and I can confirm the legitimacy of the OP and I’m not associated with the OP. I don’t even know who the OP is or his friend.The runtime has been released in BB World so that BlackBerry can now update the runtime outside of carrier’s control to enable access to Google Play and whatnot when this hits. It’s not a minor update, there is more to come.

Google and BlackBerry has recently entered an agreement to bypass the Open Alliance relationship so that BlackBerry can deploy Google Play onto BlackBerry 10 as well as enable the currently disabled Google Services Framework (GSF) embedded into the runtime. Meaning not only in the future will users be able to download apps directly from Google Play on device, every single native functionality will be available for use. In plain English, every single Android application will work without the need to sideload, without the need for a debug token or any form of method to enable functionality to work. But you’ll need to be on a 10.2.1 build or higher…


All native functionality of Android is fully in the runtime right now. It’s just disabled or blacklisted by BlackBerry. It’s not difficult to reenable and now they have full permission to. This is the reason the leaked 10.2.1 builds have ceased. Current builds and radios are currently PIN-Locked meaning if you try to load them onto your device without your PIN being whitelisted, your device will brick. In the higher 10.2.1 builds the new functionality has been added in so users now have access to Google Play and a new runtime that unleashes the potential of Android apps. As far as I am aware, widgets and other applications will continue to not be able to work but applications such as Google Maps will have full access to GSF and other frameworks required for the application to function at 100%. They have curbed the leaks with the intention to hide the fact this is forthcoming.


The explanation for hiding it is the sale of the company, fixing the app ecosystem would obviously cause the stocks to raise when BB10 users could download thousands upon thousands of more applications where they work exactly like they do on a native android device and the stock holders would obviously reject a lowball deal if the stock is at 12? 15? 17? dollars after such an announcement. Select BlackBerry employees are now internally testing it. He’s not mistaken. I have personally seen it running and I have a number of BlackBerry employees on my BBM who have told me about it.


Michael Cowley on Twitter confirmed 10.2.1 is coming sooner than what the normal timeframe is and that’s because of them enabling Google Play and full runtime functionality. Furthermore when I talked to Brian Zubert about ways to fix the Google Maps API usage in Android apps so I could successfully port my banking application, he told me to wait because “something big is coming that is right up your alley and to watch the BlackBerry blog” which translates to “you wont need to remove Google Maps because soon your application will work without problem”



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