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BBM Emoticon Contest Yields Newly Spotted Emoticons!

By December 1, 2013Overview

BlackBerry put out a blast on FaceBook on Nov 15th asking for help finding some new emoticons for the BBM application. Pat Wallace  ChannelPin (C00121Fe1) a #BlackBerryElite has stumbled across some new emoticons some of which seem to have been suggested as part of the FaceBook contest. BlackBerry in short time has begun adding in these emoticons which were pulled from the desktop Channels Management Console. Some awesome new additions have been spotted including a PIZZA the BlackBerry Splat Action Symbol and Pig, Penguin, Martini and even money!

Thanks for sharing these out with the community Pat, hopefully BlackBerry will unlocked them for us to use soon!


James Nieves

Author James Nieves

Manning the helm here @BBRYFLOW. Feel free to shoot me an email.

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  • Chris Jordan

    Hope we can get the splat figured out soon!

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    Great discovery, James! Someone found out how to do the penguin – you put <(') The envelope is (e) money is (mo) etc. You can see the list on the Geeks United Channel C00122408.

    • jmznvs

      Yep Pat has done a great job finding all these for us!!

    • Ann-Louise Winter

      Absolutely! It must have taken a lot of work for him to dig them all out.