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Google Rivals QNX By Partnering With Audi

By December 30, 2013QNX
BlackBerry 10 keyboard within the QNX Concept Car

While QNX has maintained a leadership position in the largely untapped automotive market they will soon be rivaled by Google as they enter into a partnership with Germany-based auto company Audi.

The QNX car has been a massive-hit in the auto industry and BlackBerry is committed to revolutionizing the market in the years to come. However, that position has now come under threat as technology giant Google has partnered up with Audi, a large German-based auto company.

While QNX has been powering suppliers for the automotive since 2002, they are only really facing  competition in the recent years. Microsoft has had small margins with their Ford partnership, and TESLA cars are now running custom Linux. Apple recently announced a move to bring ‘iOS’ to the car, and now Google as well with their new partner (a partner that QNX has catered to in the past).

With Android being the most popular operating system, amongst users, QNX could fall behind in terms of lack of applications for the in-car entertainment system as QNX has been recently marketed to emergency services rather than family cars and as Google are partnering with Audi, QNX could lose this market share in family cars.

On the other hand, it was recently known that QNX has already hybridized itself to support Android applications in the car’s eco-system which gives QNX the upper hand as they are already trusted by thousands of auto-mobile companies across the globe and are now implementing Android into their eco-system.

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry Ltd, recently stated this – in an open letter to employees,

“QNX is a leader in the automotive sector; its technology is used in more vehicle models (200+) and by more automakers and suppliers than all other platforms combined”

More and more technology companies are beginning to embrace the way in which the world is evolving, and at the moment that appears to be in-car entertainment systems which has led to technology rivals competing against each other in another industry – the auto industry. In doing so, both Google and BlackBerry-owned QNX will come to support mirrored displays

It’s speculated that Apple intends to enter the vehicle utilizing their QNX partnership. Which has allowed for things like ‘Siri Eyes Free” on various Auto OEMs (which utilize QNX as the operating system base to power car telematic systems). For instance Chevy used QNX to build  MyLink which many Siri Hands Free systems operate with. Unlike Google who wants to replace the OS within the car itself, iOS wants to become more deeply ingrained by using the iPhone to power the “brain” of the car, one in which QNX hosts the iOS experience.

Next month is CES 2014 and this year’s show is going to be huge for the QNX car and their new rivalry, Google and Audi, and both of the technology giants will be unveiling new technology and new cloud systems for their in-car entertainment services.

What are you expecting to see at CES 2014 from QNX and Google and would you buy a QNX car or a Google car?

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  • Omar

    I’m buying the next QNX car!