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Keep track of your daily tasks with the natively-built What To-Do app!

By December 4, 2013Reviews
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Our lives can get quite busy at times. Sometimes we need something to organize ourselves. It never hurts to keep track of your daily to-do activities and what’s better to accomplish that than with the newly-released What To-Do app! What To-Do is a task tracker that helps you organize your day by giving you the ability to easily create a list of to-dos. Users are greeted with a list of to-dos as the default page. On the top, there are three tabs: To-do, Pending, Finished. Pressing on entries will pop out additional options on the side: To-do, Finished, Add to Pending, Select More and Delete.

On the left, users can toggle between to-do lists and notepad. The notepad is essentially an imitation of the BlackBerry Remember feature without the bells and whistles of adding voice notes, attachments and all the other goodies but it does allow users to create a title, add a description and modify the due date.

Although What To-Do is not equipped with cool features, it just works out of the box. Users do not have to worry about being bombarded with options after options. Here lies the beauty of this application. It is simplistic in nature plus natively built in Cascades to boot! From my experience, I have not encountered any lag at all. Layout is great and familiar to the typical BlackBerry 10 user. Users have the ability to share their to-dos with others over BBM, SMS, emails, etc.

But what really caught my eye about the app is the built-in Notepad feature. At first sight, it may look like your ordinary notepad but the software cleverly integrates itself with BlackBerry Remember. You heard it right! The application pulls entries from all of users’ BlackBerry Remember folders. Whenever a note is created from the app, it will be synchronized with the BlackBerry Remember app. It even allows users to filter notes.

There are however a few downside and bugs that need to be ironed out. The first issue being the Active Frame is not being taken advantage fully. Currently, it only shows the logo in this version 1.0.1. It would definitely add more polish if the Active Frame would show users’ list of to-dos. There is no option to switch to the white theme though it seems the developer is planning to add that option in the near future. Another bug that needs to be fixed is that entries with multiple lines will be shown as blank in the overview display.


  • Simple to use and a nice clean look.
  • Natively built in Cascades.
  • Quick response; no lag.
  • Able to share with BBM, SMS, emails, etc.
  • Notepad function is integrated with BlackBerry Remember.


  • Active Frame only shows the logo.
  • No white theme (but coming soon as stated in the settings).
  • Lack of options for notepad (attaching voice notes, documents, placing into the appropriate folder, etc.).
  • Entries with multiple lines do not show properly.


To sum up, it is an app that does its job simplistically. It is hassle free minus a few gripes. However, there is certainly room for improvement. A few things that come to mind are white theme, hub/calendar integration, options to attach documents in the notepad, Active Frame, and fixes for the bug mentioned above. Hopefully the developer can implement more features in the next update without taking away the simplistic nature of the app. The good thing is the developer is quick to respond to feedback so that is certainly promising.

Pick it up for $2.99 for your BlackBerry 10 device on BlackBerry World.

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  • mavricxx

    BlackBerry should make this app and their proprietary apps available to iPhones and Android. I think it would make them more popular. I want an app that no matter if I swap to my touch, to my BlackBerry to Galaxy Note 10.1 etc I can see my notes without losing my info.