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Snap2Chat Updated to v0.8 Awesome and Feature Packed

By December 30, 2013APPS

BlackBerry 10s native SnapChat Client, Snap2Chat has been in steady development for some time now. This latest update brings fixes and a bunch of new features for users to enjoy, some exclusive to this client alone. I suggest you toss your phone into development mode and sideload this native beauty, the Android version is much less user friendly on BB10 devices this fluid cascades app is a treat for SnapChat lovers!

Download v0.8: Snap2Chat v0.8

Annoying Camera Flash
Max Snaps to show
Forever loading feeds
Emoticons Box don’t show when you send a snap anymore
Deleting and Blocking a friend
Video Playback After attaching
Double tap
++ more (sorry I forgot to list them)

Extended Profiles
Shoutbox (Worldwide Chatroom)
My Profile
Caption Fonts
Caption Font Weight
Caption Font Sizes
Caption Font Styles
Caption Background Colors
Locks orientation when viewing snaps
Invite friends via SMS and Social Accounts
2 Servers
Stable Registration and Login
Active Frame (shows latest snaps)
Hub Notifications
Fresh New Icons and Splash Screen (Thanks to Apollo_IV for the awesome job!) and Thanks to toby (for text corrections and some code help)
++ more (sorry I forgot to list them)

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