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Goodbye Ontario, hello Windemere

By February 18, 2014BlackBerry

On February 10th BlackBerry dropped the axe on the Ontario device we’d recently seen show up in Geekbench benchmark tests. This device was one of two suggested high-end all touch devices coming from BlackBerry. While BlackBerry has killed the O-series we still have a mysterious B-series which may bring that high end all touch we’ve been vying for however very little is known about that device at this stage.

With new CEO John Chen and his open commitments to refocus BlackBerry on enterprise, word is BlackBerry’s working to fast track the Windemere device, a curious QWERTY device which I’ll cover more down below. While the OS filings from July don’t give us much they do leave us with an interesting idea as to what BlackBerry values going forward.

With the recent leaks of the Z3 Jakarta device over at N4BB.com it’s interesting to see BlackBerry moving the all touch factor to the low end, while focusing the QWERTY at the business minded high end. I believe there is a variant of the Jakarta device that also has a QWERTY keyboard–but I can not independently confirm this. With Mobile World Congress set to start off next week we should be seeing more information on these fronts.

This will be the 3rd device cancelled with both Cafe/Kopi being axed late last year which can be attributed to the new Foxconn relationship established by John Chen.

As for the Windemere device:

Booklet? Qwerty? Square slider? based on Tigris v3 which will hopefully use a newer SoC
1440×1440 screen res with virtual keyboard (confusing)
HW IDs: 0x84002C0a / 0x85002C0a / 0x86002C0a

  • R132 – WindermereNA NA
  • R133 – WindermereVzw Verizon
  • R134 – WindermereSprint Sprint

The Windemere device is set to enter internal testing in the coming weeks. We’ll be with ears to ground awaiting any new information to share with you. Ironically (or perhaps not) is that there’s a WindeRmere in Ontario Canada.


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  • Lamar

    BlackBerry Fuse

  • All_Love_Lost

    So what’s that all touch high end that they talk about? I’m interested, will it be big square like this phone? Or will it be like the Z30 of so I’ll wait until it comes out so I can buy it.. hmm

  • Fuzzy

    Windermere, BC

  • AnotherBillJ

    Oh, not a big deal but the city in Ontario is WindeRmere, not Windemere.

    • jmznvs

      Dohhh! Corrected in the article, thank you!

  • AnotherBillJ

    I’m rocking the Z30 so I’m good for a while. I’ll wait until BlackBerry releases another great phone like the Z30 before I go looking to upgrade; the Windemere could be that phone.