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Lovedrunk on Whine for BlackBerry 10

By February 3, 2014APPS, Overview

We saw videos emerge of Whine back in September of last 2013 in an early preview.

App development aint easy folks-and I shrink in the face of these mindbogglingly dedicated developers that bring us applications like Blaq, iGrann, Snap2Chat, Snap, and soon Whine. Bojan Komljenović @knobtviker the man behind Whine has created a small BETA team of testers that have seen the apps growth for months. Having been testing the app through recent versions and I’m finally lovedrunk on Vine and it’s entirely due to the Whine app.

Native is always better. I don’t know, Android runs alright on BB10 but Cascades is the butter. Whine is one of the most beautiful apps I’ve ever seen. Graphics credit out to @Apollo_IVX who brings crisp greens, smooth fonts and awesome icons. As you scroll the bottom bar recedes, and you get a gorgeous full screen experience for Vine viewing. Powerful autoshare functions to the major social networks and deeply BBM integrated with Groups, Channels and Contacts.

I didn’t even like Vine. And while I vastly prefer Vine over its knock-off counterpart Instagram Video, I still had never been a big fan of Vine.. There’s something really irritating reshooting the same 6-seconds because you can never satisfy yourself with your capture, but hey that’s totally my problem. Add in that I only ever really used Vine on a tiny iOS screen, the UI felt cramped, it was just not an experience I enjoyed.

Whine however, has me addicted. I’m exploring more and finding hilarious categories-while also being able to shoot my own clips through the full featured application on my large screened ZED30. I finally have a Vine experience I can enjoy. And what’s more the BlackBerry community has an app even Vine themselves should be jealous of.

When will we see this app launch in BlackBerry World? The app is presently pending review and could launch sometime this week! I must say this is one of my favorite BlackBerry 10 applications period and having just recently started using it over the last few weeks the experience I get using it is top notch, and makes me appreciate Vine so much more than I did.

Keep up the fantastic work BBDevs! For those eager users out there who are dying for more native alternatives patience, don’t whine about it! It will be worth the wait. Our platform is continuing to grow thanks to amazing contributions from devs like @knobtviker thank you!

James Nieves

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