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Snap Google Play Client v2 Released for BlackBerry 10

By February 2, 2014APPS, BB10, BlackBerry

BlackBerry 10.2.1 users you have not yet rid yourself of sideloading. If you had to bring out the cables or launch the BB10 App Manager via Chrome it would be to install this application.

Snap empowers BlackBerry 10.2.1 with the goodness of Android. Snap acts as a 3rd party *Native* Google Play Store Client. While it doesn’t support making new purchases, the latest v2 release does bring the ability to download previously purchased content attached to your Play Store account.

What’s more the latest versions brings a reworked frontend that brings the app into even more parity with the design of BlackBerry World

If you need help learning to sideload or if you want to learn more about Snap visit the links. Otherwise to grab the .BAR for yourself you can hit the button below!

Snap Free Google Play client for BlackBerry 10

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