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BlackBerry Kopi Reemerges, Foxconn Q3?

By March 9, 2014BlackBerry

New images out from BBVietnam are showing photos of what looks to be a low end device JUST like the previously cancelled Cafe and Kopi series devices from late last year. Now both Kopi/Cappucino were seen late 2013, but new images suggest that the ‘Kopi’ device is still out there. Question is, why?

Would love to see Foxconn take a whack at building a Foxconn Q3 device because the BlackBerry designed KOPINA (qwerty) and CAPPUCINO (all-touch) devices were far too dated for production, there was hardly anything compelling about their hardware. We’re glad they were benched to let the Foxconn deal take root. Here are the new images vs the old images leaked by BGR back in 2013.

Here is an image of the C-Series ‘Cappucino’ device next to it’s Foxconn counterpart the Z3

Needless to say Foxconn definitely brings a lot to the table in terms of hardware prowess as the Z3 is leagues more attractive than the C-series pictured left. BlackBerry whipped together the Z3 in around 3-4 months with Foxconn’s help.¬†Letting BlackBerry focus on the software and closely collaborating to build hardware is a very smart move. Can’t wait to see if Foxconn will bring us something like a “Q3” high class midrange QWERTY a lower speced–still high style Q5. We’ll most certainly have our fingers crossed.

We already have a ‘mid-range’ Q5′ but an even cheaper, even prepaid option that can run BB10 respectably would be a welcomed addition to the lineup. BlackBerry needs to do all they can to phase out the legacy devices and seed BB10 for an updated experience. Devices like the Q20 and potentially devices like a “Q3” would be great options to leverage into consumer and enterprise markets.

Would you be interested in a low end Q3 built with the Foxconn touches?

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