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BlackBerry Q20 & Q30 Production Images Leak Online

By March 28, 2014BlackBerry, Overview

Oh China, didn’t you hear that BlackBerry CEO John Chen no likley leaks…. Looks like there are now images of two QWERTY devices being shown off online. The pictures show off 3 devices a Z5, a Q20 and a Q30. Naming here, is a bit confusing as we’ve heard of some device being cancelled others being rebuilt under different names, some even being retasked to mid-range hardware as other high-end factors hit engineering.

Here we have a gallery of images pictures is said to be a “Q30” device. The frame comes in two colors a white (silver) frame like the Z30. These devices seem like hardware evolutions from the Kopi device we’d seen last year. Now it seems they are re-engineering these devices for real production runs. Managed at the right inventory levels with consistent marketing these devices can do well to reestablish the physical keyboard that BlackBerry is known and loved for.

Here are the full gallery of images:

White Frame

Black Frame

Original button

Original cover + middle frame

Source: Taobao


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  • I’m pretty sure the silver frame is BlackBerry “Kopi” aka Q3. Last 5 pics as well, I already saw that model few months ago.

    And the black frame with keyboard is from BlackBerry Dev Alpha C. I had changed housing on some Dev Alphas and I know how they look like inside, so I’m sure its just Dev Alpha C. For example one different between keyboards from Q10 and DevAC – lines between rows of keyboard does have overlap on Q10 while DevAC doesn’t.

  • Lamar

    pretty sure first pic is Z5… even the permanent market in the pic says it.