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DadDoes Updates BlackBerry Z30 Video Review Using 10.2.1


Last month, BlackBerry challenged DadDoes.com to swap out their Apple iPhone 5 with a BlackBerry Z30. Their experience was recorded for 7 days and the Z30 turned out much better than they expected. They discovered many cool features on the BlackBerry 10 OS as well as on the BlackBerry Z30 but the biggest highlighted downside was the lack of apps. However, the OS version reviewed was not 10.2.1 at the time of the first review. You can check out their full review here.

DadDoes recently updated their review of the BlackBerry Z30 with a new video. This time with 10.2.1. Needlessly to say, they were amazed with the additional features. They certainly have done a fantastic job showcasing the main features. As Dan puts it at the end of the video,

“We think it stands right up there with the Samsung and the Apple phones, and it should be considered in the same class.”

Here’s their updated video review:

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  • Andrew Loewen

    also a great recent review on USA Today by Jennifer Jolly.