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Flippy Bird 3D A Cross-platform Developers Tale


Flappy Bird came and left like a storm. Clones of the original eventually took over the mobile world across all platforms to salvage the remnants of the popularity Flappy Bird once possessed. One might wonder how would the clones fair against each other when there is so much competition? And does developing for a certain platform provide any benefits to the developer or does it not matter at all?

This article will *not* be an app review on a Flappy Bird clone but instead we will be zoning in on how the progress of one of the many clones unfolded since the inception of the application.

Flippy Bird 3D is mobile game designed by FileArchiveHaven for all four platforms (BlackBerry, Android, iOS, and Windows). The developer posted an article recently on their website detailing the sales trend, a side-by-side comparison, and other important observations the developer discovered.

Without going too in-depth, I have essentially summarized the key findings from the developer of Flippy Bird 3D:

  • When it comes to copying and piracy, the Windows Store has questionable protocols in this department. There are many apps that are simply mere copies of the original to the extent where the boundaries of legal concerns could potentially be tested. Such scenarios would not happen on BlackBerry (and iOS) due to the strict policies. It almost appears as if Windows seem to care very little in this regard.
  • In terms of utilizing which computer systems to build the app, BlackBerry takes the crown as the most developer friendly platform (along with Android). Developers almost use any computer system to build apps for BlackBerry and Android. iOS would require a Mac while Windows insists on developers using Windows 8.1 which lacks proper driver support.
  • BlackBerry requires no developer fees as opposed to other three platforms.

In summary, “BlackBerry is the easiest platform to get started with (any system) and most affordable (no charge)”.

The developer also stated BlackBerry is the best for outright purchases and is extremely happy with the turn out on the BlackBerry platform.

The developer ended with the development for Flippy Bird 3D will remain focused on the BlackBerry platform due to such favourable results.

And the results? Well, the picture below pretty much sums it up.


Certainly, it is great to hear more positive stories that happen behind the scenes. I do encourage other BlackBerry developers to speak up about their experiences! Go Team BlackBerry!

Click on the links below to check out the original article or to download Flippy Bird 3D on your BlackBerry 10 device:

Geoffrey Lai

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