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Miracast Powered BB10 M1Fuse Lapdock Reimagines Mobile Computing

By March 17, 2014Concepts, QNX

This is a look at a potential avenue for BlackBerry 10 to be expanded to peripheral devices like laptop docks and other embedded instruments. Here we have a concept design that docks a miracast capable BB10 device with the 15 inch touch screen dock. This transforms your device into a gesture/track pad to control the 3 times larger screen. Big thanks go out to The World of Pootermobile for the gorgeous renders.

What you see on the secondary screen is really just a projection from the host device, something we’re calling “Terminal Mode” where BlackBerry 10 through Miracast, Bluetooth and Wifi Direct connection will allow you to project and accelerate through a more elaborate bridge system. Modular computing. In a true sense mobile computing. Where you have your personal device and can deploy tailored solutions for every environment. This “Terminal Mode” is already prevalent on QNX. Recent example, Apples CarPlay implementation is not very different from what we’ve inspired here. What Apple achieves over cable we do through a wifi-direct and Miracast solution backend connection.

Here are some of the specifications:


This allows us to have much more flexibility. The 15″ screen is capacitive you can swipe, tap and gesture through the projected OS, meaning you don’t have to dock the device to use the peripheral. You could easily tap the NFC trigger with the device and then put it into your pocket. This miracast powered BB10 M1Fuse lapdock reimagines mobile computing. Taking in mind a lot of the coming market innovations into a vertical market.

There are subtle personalized additions. There are two buttons, one left and one right of the space bar: on the left you have a BlackBerry ‘Spark’ icon which will pull in your BlackBerry Hub. To the right you have an forced rotation button. If you’re in Hub, or in either of 2 fully running applications you can press this hardware key and force that application into landscape orientation. Moreover there’s a responsive LED strip that indicated connection and notifications so you never miss an important message. Explore the full showcase inside the BlackBerry Initiative.

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