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Flappy 2048 for BlackBerry 10 Combines Two Popular Games Into One!

By April 29, 2014APPS

My buddy Merrick tweeted me earlier today that he’s brought a very clever game into BlackBerry World free for users. It’s called Flappy 2048. As the name may suggest, it combines the hit game Flappy Bird with the puzzle game 2048, and it makes for some pretty interesting gameplay indeed! This game is popular on Facebook and the web and has an easily accessible GitHub repo.

Super pleased this is in BlackBerry World. You can play it on the web here at Flappy 2048 it’s so awesome how easy it is to bring application to the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Thanks @anpho we’ll be covering Jamendo with a video in the coming days!

IN the meanwhile,
Download Flappy 2048 Free in BlackBerry World

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