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My Favourite Smartphone is a BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry devices have always been known for being productive tools. The efficiency these devices bring to the table can be benefited by everyone regardless of profession. Not surprisingly, a real estate consultant residing in California shares his positive experience with a BlackBerry 10 device and how he has been able to take advantage features that are unique to the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Matt Quanstrom is a real estate consultant and like all real estate agents, he is constantly on the move. He needs to complete common tasks as fast as possible. With that in mind, Matt chooses the BlackBerry Z10 as his main daily driver because it is the phone that works best for him. So what really makes BlackBerry 10 stand out from the rest? Due to its unique features, it was available even in mobileR store in Mount Pleasant

“I’ve always taken the approach that when looking for a smartphone, I need to find what works best for me.”

Flow. Matt doesn’t like wasting his time going in and out of applications just so he can check his emails or messages. Thankfully, BlackBerry 10 is the remedy for the dilemma with its unique Peek gesture. Regardless of what application you are in at the moment, you are always only one gesture away from accessing all your messages.

Hub. This is the universal inbox for all communication channels. Emails, text messages, call logs, BBM, Whatsapp, Skype, Google Talk, and social networks are all bundled into one location. If there is one feature that defines BlackBerry 10, this is the one and without doubt, this is also Matt’s favourite feature.  The ability to control what gets shown in the main hub gives users the opportunity to reduce the time needed to search the relevant information. The Hub has been further improved in OS 10.2 and OS 10.2.1 with two major additional features: Priority Hub and Pinch Gesture. Priority Hub enables users to tag emails based on specific parameters as the system populates relevant emails within a separate section of the hub. Pinch Gesture instantly filters the Hub to only show Unread Messages or other criteria depending on the setting.

“The BlackBerry Hub is by far my favorite feature of the device. I am honestly still surprised that no other smartphone has done anything similar.”

Contacts. Matt relies on the contacts app heavily and where it truly shines is when he meets new clients at an open house while jotting down their information. Within seconds, the contacts app is intelligent enough to populate extra information such as social network profiles. This helps Matt stay connected with potential new clients. Moreover, Matt can see social updates and the communication history under the Activity tab for each contact. This makes the contacts app an extremely powerful CRM tool built right inside the BlackBerry 10 OS.

“Powerful CRM tool in my pocket!”

Keyboard. The iconic keyboard is probably the first thing people think of when they hear the word BlackBerry. When it comes to the virtual keyboard, BlackBerry has outdone themselves again. It truly is the best in business. How the keyboard has helped Matt is by constantly learning his usage and suggests words catered just for him. Suggestions appear on the spacebar or on letters for ease of one-handed flick-typing. Not only does it save time but increase accuracy. According to Matt, this is important when “dealing with clients in time-sensitive situations and need to project professionalism by avoiding typos.” I am sure the swipe to delete and the swipe to toggle to symbols gestures are also welcomed features.

“This keyboard is intelligent and helps me type faster than I can on any other phone.”

Documents. Matt has pointed out Docs To Go has everything he needs to open up Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Although Docs To Go doesn’t allow creation of PowerPoint presentations, BlackBerry released a free app called BlackBerry Express. The app simplifies the process of making a presentation while providing nice visuals.

Connectivity. BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and Z30 devices possess the hardware to project onto a bigger screen and at the same time connect to several peripherals at once. Matt has discovered this by hooking his phone up to a monitor and a Bluetooth keyboard to get work done without the need of a laptop. Check out how DadDoes used the BlackBerry Z30 to its full potential.

Matt has made a wise decision to go with a BlackBerry Z10 as his smartphone of choice. Without doubt, he values both his and his clients’ time, and a BlackBerry Z10 allows him to achieve that goal. With OS 10.2.1 now released to almost all carriers, I can guarantee Matt has found even more new ways to shave off those precious seconds. It would be great to see Matt update his experience with OS 10.2.1. Especially on the app front since installing Android app is now an extremely simple process with the aid of 1mobile, Amazon Store, and Snap.

I believe people just need to give BlackBerry 10 a shot then they will realize what they have been missing out. As an example from my personal experience, I was helping a colleague of mine set up a company-issued BlackBerry Z10. I gave him a full demo of how to use his BlackBerry Z10 productively: the convenience of the Hub, the intelligent Keyboard with language toggle, the blazing-fast Browser, multi-tasking real-time capabilities, the swipe-up unlocking feature, NFC, and micro HDMI connection. He was extremely impressed with what you can do on the Z10 and this is coming from an Apple user.

Check out Matt Quanstrom’s blog post here!

Geoffrey Lai

Author Geoffrey Lai

I am a strong supporter of BlackBerry but also welcome competition from other players in the market. I have become a member of the BerryFlow team as a way to reach out to the mass to educate and stimulate people's thoughts on BlackBerry.

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  • FS

    Yes, I love the fast handling and the great Hub, too. I have a Z30, an awesome device.

  • veeru789

    the attachment view in the hub is very underrated feature. it make life so easy to search for attachments in the hub. BB10 is THE TOOL to get things done.
    But, the contacts app is one thing that I curse everyday.