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BlackBerry Project Ion Will Make Use Of QNX

By May 23, 2014QNX

Recently, BlackBerry announced a new project called Project Ion which be apart of the IoT (Internet of Things). Today it has been revealed that Project Ion will take advantage of the QNX systems. 

QNX To Power Project Ion

BlackBerry’s two main “crown jewels” are enterprise mobile management systems and QNX which will assist BlackBerry to create something phenomenal with Project Ion as the QNX system can easily be integrated into different resources.

According to a recent Press Release, BlackBerry are currently looking into supporting common web tools as well as potentially opening up and open-sourcing some tools to enable developers to create applications and gadgets for Project Ion.

What are your thoughts on BlackBerry revealing that their new project, Project Ion, will be using QNX systems?

Via ReThink Research

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