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BlackBerry Z3 Video Unboxing

By May 12, 2014BlackBerry, Video

Our Indonesian correspondent Gabriel Radewa @radewa has had his hands on a Jakarta Edition Z3 for a fair bit of time courtesy of BlackBerry Indonesia. He’ll be keeping us up to date on all the launch specifics and sharing his views on the device and how it may fair in the intended markets.

Here is a hands-on video unboxing and overview of the device. Covers multitasking, camera, device hardware, gaming and more. Hopefully this video allows you to see the device in a positive light. For the price of about $189 USD it is by no means a cheap device but it is vastly more affordable than previous BlackBerry devices and thus, hits the entry level price point right on the head.

Let us know how you like his video rundown! Be sure to check out his blog  – gabrielradewa.blogspot.com

He’ll be posting an in-depth review later on, so be sure to check back for that, after the launch event!

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  • xBURK

    I mean this with all do respect, but this guy puts me to sleep. Did he just wake up or is he extremely high? Anyway, very nice phone for such a low cost. Glad to see them keep the professional packaging.