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Cam’s Top 5 – Reasons To Go BlackBerry

By May 25, 2014Video

Senior Managing Editor @PhoneDog Cam Bunton did a video earlier this month highlighting his top 5 reasons for users who may want to switch to BlackBerry. We were pleasantly surprised by his candor, and clear knowledge of BlackBerry 10.

His points boil down to a common concept; that for users who value communication, productivity and security BlackBerry 10 in an unparalleled mobile experience. Sure, they aren’t selling as many devices as they used to but Cam mentions that BlackBerry 10 still has plenty of tricks up its sleeves. I’ve shared his video below, give this educated bloke a view.


James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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  • blogpedia

    Towards the end he says BlackBerry #BB10 has problems and that is why they are not selling – it made me laugh because, it is thing of the past when an argument was being made about lack of apps; with 10.2.1, given that you can now download and install Amazon’s app store right from your browser, eliminating any need for side loading, there is absolutely no reason left not to buy a BlackBerry #BB10 phone! If you want to use a mobile; want to be productive; ensure that there are no Typos when you send messages; and, have access to almost all the Android apps without having to compromise on speed then, a #BB10 #Z30 or a Z10 should be your first choice!

    I typed this entire text while browsing this website through my #Z30 – tell me how many will be able to do such a thing with another mobile, no Typos here either as you can see, it is that flicking good :)

    • bajbajbaj1

      Yup. What he said ^^^

  • beyondcomprehension

    Those are all “great” reasons to buy BlackBerry. Get yours today! You’re not likely to use other phones later, or at least not likely to use them as favourites. :)

  • xBURK

    Yes. I don’t mind when people don’t care for BB10, but not when they don’t even try it out first. That would be like me cutting up a Ford when I haven’t driven one.
    The nice thing about people who try out BB10, 9/10 love it.

    • Melvin Jefferson

      I agree 100%!