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Purported Q30 Images Show White Keyboard, Curved Edges

By June 5, 2014News

Just received a very curious email. Attached were two images of what is being purported as a Q30 prototype. We just recently saw one of the earlier hardware revisions leaked over on N4BB. Now we get a look at SOMETHING. I’m not saying this is offical by any means, my gut feeling is that this is merely a fan made mock-up

*Update: We received a reply from the original tipster who pulled the images off of BBM Channels via C000F331C. This was a fan inspired mock up to gauge the size and handling of the Windermere phablet qwerty. We cannot fall for those nice curves just yet!

This ‘prototype’ image shows of three rows of white keys (which look very prototype) likely testing out the base gesture ability of the Windermere device. As well, the device looks more curves. The images also show off the glass weave design on the rear of the device. This may be a “concept” design of sorts and may look nothing like the actual launch hardware. It’s interesting to see nonetheless.

If there’s values in these images it’s in the comparison of the device size with the other BB10 devices. Overall the device looks great in the hands and just small enough to fit in a pocket (just barley). Overall these images show that BlackBerry is working fast and diligently to bring this device to the marketplace.

Seeing these images makes me excited for the Q30 as the sizing and potentially higher quality build, and monster specs, will make this device a real breadwinner for BlackBerry. I hope the device is aimed outside of strictly the healthcare field and is available by large, to enterprises and consumers alike. The QWERTY phablet is really jumping into new territory in the mobile space and I wish it well. BlackBerry still has plenty of innovative ideas to execute upon.

We’ve also heard that BlackBerry is working on a 64-bit Berry all touch device dubbed the Manitoba which is RUMORED to be releasing sooner than we originally anticipated. Anyway lots to look forward to… What do you think these new images actually represent?

Do you like the overall look of the curved Q30 / Q50 Windermere device?

James Nieves

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  • SulcoPete

    What’s the width for? The screen should be set to standard HDTV aspect ratio, and put it on its end so the phone is tall rather than wide. This is a no-go for me from the get-go.

  • AdiLixiouz


  • xBURK

    Make that keyboard black and we are edging closer to an extreme winner. I’ve always had a hard time believing the previous leaked photos were the final design. They look like dev units? In my mind, that design wouldn’t make friends at a round table of testers. .
    One thing is clear throughout the media in regards to the Q30. While they’re extremely impressed with the specs and revolutionary keyboard, the design gets shot down instantly. BlackBerry isn’t in a position for added negativity from the press.
    I say, get this bad boy looking great and it could just be that one device away from success Mr. Chen always talks about.
    One last thought. Could it be that an ugly version of a Q30 was released purposely by Blackberry? Look st the press it’s generating on the net. This could be some kind of genus marketing ploy? Who knows? Anyways, thank you James. I’m glad you enjoyed my email.

  • Yeah it’s alright.
    Much better than the last leak, can’t say I’m keen on the white keyboard.