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Updated: 64-Bit BlackBerry All Touch Manitoba Specifications

By June 12, 2014News

Head to your kitchen and grab the salt shaker. Back in February we let you know that BlackBerry had canned the much rumored Ontario device. In so doing, they moved up the launch schedule for their high-end QWERTY the Windermere.

This post has been updated extensively to better reflect the rollout of this device

Many have asked what the hell 10.2.2 is. This is an interim update for all older devices set to be sort of MR of 10.2.1 which was released at the start of this year. In particular, Vodafone Germany has called for this update to bring added security integration at the OS level with SecueSmart SIM cards. For those unaware SecueSmart is used on a Z10 device for the German chancellor after her iPhone Nokia communications were hacked *whoops.*

But what you’re dying to hear about is the Manitoba. I have remarked about this device several times throughout the year. Especially if you frequent the N4BB Live podcasts. Anyway, the Manitoba is set to be a true Z30 successor. The first ever 64-bit BlackBerry. Our friends over in Germany have tipped us with a bit more information about this device, whether the suggested specs turn out in production hardware remains to be seen:

***Updated Spec Listing:***

5.2 “Full HD display, MSM 8994 CPU 64bit, 4GB RAM, 3000mAh or 3300mAh battery.

The chip MSM 8994 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. It will be released Q4 2014. It is a 64bit Octa-Core 2.5 GHz with an Adreno 430 GPU, this supports display resolutions of up to 2160p and also play video material in 4K UHD resolution. The integrated memory controller can handle LPDDR4 memory with effectively up to 3.2 GHz.

Manitoba will be released in Q3 2015 with OS10.4. Only with the new OS10.4 64-bit support is given.

OS 10.3.2 is to be rolled out in March 2015.

I have heard as well that the device sports a 1920×1080 screen at over 440PPI.

Could this be the first mobile desktop replacement? The specs and OS suggest it will be optimized to offer a true “desktop” replacement with QNX, BlackBerry Blends and large amount of RAM to give the device enough power to compete and multitask like a champ.

One way or another an all touch device has been on the roadmap for some time.

And so the wait continues.

What are you thoughts? Why get a Q30 (Windermere) when you could get a Z50 (Manitoba)?

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

Manning the helm here @BBRYFLOW. Feel free to shoot me an email.

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  • Waiting for the z50!!!!would love to see it in the market soon

  • Nick

    Fully agree with Anthony Roberts.
    The Passport is the most innovative smartphone ever released and technologically superior to all out to date. This alone should attract many Android and iOS users. But the majority want a Full Touch device, and that is where the Manitoba comes into play. With the right marketing and carrier support, they can make a huge impact.

    The RIO (Z3 LTE) better not be the only Full Touch for 2015. That would be a mistake for BBRY and its image. We need a solid Z30 replacement at the very least.

  • kevin

    i am wating for this !!!!!!!!

  • Animesh Mondal

    Blackbary app store have some apps and games so why 4gb ram and sdragon 810???

  • Dave

    This is a load of baloney. The article is wrong on almost every point, every codename, every spec, every date and every model name. Move along people – back to the real world please.

    • THinker

      You may move on plz, These specs and code name have been comming from various sources.

  • ATInsider

    Hope they try and release this Sooner. Awesome spec’ed Device. ;)

  • MXH070

    The Manitoba is BlackBerry Z3 LTE, one should be looking for the Ontario as its the high end all touch device successor of the Z30. It has popped up on Geek bench lately.

  • Geoff Koontz

    I really hope that they put together a good phablet. Currently I use the Note 3 because it’s big, powerful, and works well. The final deciding factor for me was when Blackberry put a sub-standard camera in the Z30. However, I’m keeping an eye on RIM and I’m hoping they come out with a good phablet to win me back.

  • xBURK

    I want this now!

  • iDefect

    I’ll definitely stick with the full touch screen. Can’t wait to see how they up their game with the next phone. Still loving my Z30 but I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the Z50, if that’s what it gets called.

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    Keyboard, James. Even though the BB10 virtual kb runs rings around the others, I prefer a physical kb. But as Chad said, why not get both. :D

  • BB shouldn’t be entering the specs race. Fuck this one upmanship companies have going. Make a good os that runs on everything.

  • Anthony Roberts

    This make sense because this year even though it seemed like heaven wouldn’t happen because the chipset hasn’t even been released yet.

  • I like the Manitoba a lot and would love to buy one NOW. Next March is epochs away in Mobile device time. How many Samsungs and HTC’s will be released between now and March and even that dud apple device is due to grow up soon. The specs will be out of date by next march, we need this for Christmas at the latest.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Nope you are completely wrong the Processor the 810 is the testing phase and wont be in devices in the first half of 2015……so for the first time BB will be on top of specs and what makes it better the software is optimized for the hardware…..google qualcomm 810 and you will see no device in 2014 will have this only devices in 2015 will have it so it wont be late.

  • 5.2″ might be a bit too much for me but anyway, with these specs I don’t care at all, just give it to me already! :D

    • And give me 10.3 too! :-O
      The wait for all this awesomeness is killing me… ^^

  • anthogag

    This article is confusing! Are we still getting 10.3 this year?! “Q3 2015″…why not just state the actual months!

    • jmznvs

      10.3.1 this year by November.

  • Vince Bettencourt

    BlackBerry Financial Q3 2015 or Calendar Q3 I can’t wait another year

    • Anthony Roberts

      You have no choice because the Snapdragon 810 Processor wont be commercially available until 2015


    • Current Odysseys

      Financial Q3 2015 is the Q we are in already. The Q2 2015 results have been announced last call made by BB. So if you are to say fiscal Q3 that will occur in natural year 2015, then you are talking about Blackberry’s Q3 2016 (that would be July – Sept 2015).

  • beyondcomprehension

    I’m rocking the Z30, but a Z50!?! Bring it ON!!!

  • Poita316

    Im awaiting new (flagship) devices… Im up for an upgrade on my Q10 so the Windemere / Q30 will be it. Thing is, I wanna know what it looks like. Not sure on the leaked images we saw… But Ill be getting a new one end of this year #fact

  • Joseph Araujo

    I upgraded to z30 last October but I think me wants another upgrade. :)

  • benjamin

    Got a full team hungry for the upgrade here…

  • Gery

    “after her iPhone communications were hacked *whoops.*”
    From what I heard it was her old Nokia that got hacked.

    • jmznvs

      Updated good sir thank you!

  • Jaime P.

    I might get both also. Even though the windermere looks ugly-ish the keyboard is revolutionary! No one ever made a physical touch keyboard (to my knowledge). So them two beast will accompany my BlackBerry phones lineage :p

  • Lamar

    Time will tell all.. ;)

  • Chad M

    Why just get one when you can pick up both :D

    •  07thking

      Yes yes yes :D

  • Anthony Roberts

    Honestly if this true I am getting 2 devices the windermere and Manitoba…..This device if true will truly be remarkable and with the proper marketing it will blow away the iphone and samsung line up!!! :) Blackberry get it done!!!!

    • jmznvs

      You and Chad sound like some hardcore BlackBerry guys. Update the whole fleet eh?

    • Anthony Roberts

      You don’t understand and hey arent you one on N4BB I watched the Live podcast. I wish I could be part of those lol. By the way I just love BB10 I have 3 android phones….Z10…Z30….I switch between phones just to keep in the loop and honestly nothing compares to the power of BB10. Multi tasking on that phone alone is amazing. I find it frustating on iOS and Android going between apps for messaging its so backwards plus with picture password and swiping up to wake up the device…..Truly amazing!!! Blackberry has the products…Just need to proper unique young marketing to get it done….This manitoba rumor seems true because remember John Chen said back in the beginning of the year they are working on a device to bring over Android and Apple customers I feel its the Manitoba and not the Windermere.