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BlackBerry Passport in Red, Blue, White/Gold and All Black

By July 9, 2014BlackBerry

Our resident designer @Pootermobile dropped jaws when he tweeted out his white render of the BlackBerry Passport. Sites all over began posting up the image and in general, the reception of the device was strong. While  we’re still 2-3 months away from real Passport availability, we’re expecting a UK launch in September – (same time frame) of the Z30 launch last year?

Anywho, Pootermobile has crafted up some new images, and I must say they look absolutely stunning. We even have a BerryFlow Edition of the Passport with blue accents! We’d like to share these images with you here!

Drop a comment, and let us know which is your favored color combination.

(I know that’s a hard question considering the images below)~

Shout out to TheWorldofPootermobile.com

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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  • Karl Feghali

    i have the red. it’s my best phone ever. won’t change it from now until 30 years

  • kiran bose

    that baby in full black is a stunner.. wish i could get my hands on one.. (hopefulluy someone will gift me one:-)

  • sil anthony vega

    The red is completely outstanding! i just love the rich vibrant color of it.

  • Ppressure

    I would love the berryflow version, it looks dope!

  • emerson

    El Blackberry Passport en color rojo luce sexy y genial y el teclado ultra sensible es magnífico, yo creo que este.smartphone será elegido de lejos el mejor smartphone del año.

  • Summer Nie

    Pictures are awesome ~ why the real phone looks different? I wish the real one look exactly like the picture. By the way, I am crazy for black~ so sexy!!!’

  • ABater

    Woah. That red proposal is revolutionary from a design perspective. It’s still very much a BlackBerry…but damn. The red screams “look at me”…and yes very luxe. Red is a bold, successful, and lucky colour in many cultures. And clearly a core Canadian colour as well. If they had a limited edition run in these…you think Amazon sells out fast with the black? Imagine what would happen with this. And I’d be first in line. :)

    • JustaOneTimeReader

      I’ve heard whispers that those (the red ones) are for certain people for certain reasons/accomplishment kind of things. I doubt they will sell red ones to the public, but if they do I’d love a red one. It’s very bold and pretty!

  • joe

    Are u selling these? Where or how can I get the red one. Is it possible to get it! Please let me know.

    • As stated in the write up these are concept designs..

  • Vanet Desouza

    All models look very sleek. Red is just looks very exclusive. I am from India, iwould like to buy one right away. please let me know when it will launch in Dubai.so i can fly down and buy one in first lot. I can arrange to book one. Can I pre book and if yes please let me know how.

  • Noobi

    White with gold lines also beautiful,

  • Kurtis

    It’s probably for the best that these aren’t real… I can’t even make up my mind between white and black

  • Marva

    Black. I think I would tire of the same color all the time; with the black, I could use different color skins when I want to change the look.

  • Good idea for those who think BlackBerry are too stodgy. Maybe a bright Lime green? Blue or Red for me.

  • Allen George

    Red. Sold.

  • Plazmic Flame

    The one with the blue accents though…. damn!

  • BBEvo

    Secret of Passport’s duo tone is in top black frame contrast to any color of the keyboard and back cover.
    Knowing BBRY we will get all white version and all black version, no duo tones.

    Nice work Pootermobile

  • Linx_81

    Beautiful designs but all black just bleeds class!

  • Kamal Abdullah

    I’d take them ALL! But my faves are the all black one and then the all red one. Beauty’s all!

  • Kevin Collazo

    Any and ALL

  • xBURK


  • petertinh

    All Black for me

  • All_Love_Lost

    White and gold for sure

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    I like the white/gold and the all black at the bottom. I just hope, hope, hope that there are no white bezels. They make the screen look smaller.

  • Darryl

    White and Gold.. holy cow that looks sharp.

  • Kem

    I wish the Passport came in all those colors. I would take the White and Yellow/Gold.

  • Rabih

    the total black one will be in my pocket as soon as it got released!!!

  • Patrick R. Pierobon

    That red one looks so sick!! Holy SMOKES!

    • bastoss

      The all black & the all red looks stunning but if I have to choose I’ll definitely go for the red one..OMG!!..just look at it!! I mean a deep look and see how sexy and beautifully it looks but at the same time gives you a look of innocent,shay and sensitive that you want to hold it in your hands and never let it go..in a way like a beautiful virgin women!