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QNX Software Utilized Within 2013 Model GE Turbine

By July 16, 2014News

On Wednesday was sent email with a very interesting picture. Elaborated further on a BBM Channel called WINDiscover, the posting states “So I just saw QNX sticker uptown on a top box, not sure what it is all about but it gave me happy chills. This is GE turbine built in 2013.” The email made me chuckle a bit at the lack of knowledge that surrounds BlackBerry these days and what technologies they support and empower.

Their software works embedded, reliably in some of the most important machines in our daily lives. From GE Nuclear Control Modules to Wind Turbines QNX and BlackBerry are at the core empowering so much around us. I wait for the day that we can share this reality loud and proud to the entire market.

Thanks Vlad via WINDiscover on BBM Channel C00480FDD

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  • Vlad

    I wish I never opted out on my channel

    • :’)

    • WINDiscover is back on BBMC C003B5463.
      Please, any help is greatly appreciated. If you like the channel please help me out. My personal BBM name is vlad_tastic 2BE17FB7. I comment on your posts from time to time. This channel is greatly unique as I’ve been told by many that inspired me to restart it again and it’s not going anywhere for as long as I breathe. Thank you for your time James!