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Hands On With – The Finer Points

By August 26, 2014BlackBerry

Loaded up the 10.3 OS on the Z30 although it’s hardly the 10.3.1 device optimized OS expected to hit in market devices later this year, it’s always nice to take a peek at the progress BlackBerry is making with their mobile platform built atop the rock solid QNX. The video glazes over some pro-tips for users on 10.3 and touches on the UI changes, increases Android support, BlackBerry assistant and refined user interface.

Enjoy the under 15min look at some of what this OS will be able to offer –


James Nieves

Author James Nieves

Manning the helm here @BBRYFLOW. Feel free to shoot me an email.

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  • Srikanth

    When it’s gonna release in India?

  • Luis

    Please add a 120 fps on camera functionality, It will be awesome!

  • Loyal

    This os is really something special

  • BauerBerry

    Great video, the settings menu is an area not many reviewers go into detail.

  • Malobriggs

    Using the new BlackBerry 10.3 os so far it super kool

  • Osama Haddad

    Im using BlackBerry. Z10 slt-100-1 how can I update my software into 10.3?? Plss help…. I reaaly want to expercience 10.3

  • Echo

    Installed is 10.3 on my z10. This OS not only boast a beautiful UI but feature rich. The IS is snappy and android apps load time have decreased considerably.
    And all this in on a beta OS

  • Kaustubh

    Is z10 getting an FM radio?

  • Yuann

    Im using BlackBerry. Z10 slt-100-1 how can I update my software into 10.3?? Plss help.. im getting crazy right now.. I reaaly want to expercience 10.3

  • Noobi

    Is that for real…

  • Abhi Bhura

    Hi the link u share I ll not get it on browser

    • You have to visit the link on a computer and download the files neccesary to load the new OS.

  • Abhi bhura

    Hi I have Q-10 I want to download 10.3.1 any one can help me out pls share the link I want to update my os current os is 10.2.1

  • Gordon

    I want to use a leak but they make me nervous. Don’t want to brick my phone.

  • bffff

    Best hands-on

  • Nisspecvan

    Awesome Job.

    Wasn’t sure about Berryflow, but the longer I use it the more I appreciate the time and information you put into it.

  • xBURK

    So well done James. Extremely professional.

  • Rohit

    I would like to see the hide options for the file in file manager as we found in BB OS 7.1

    • I would LOVE this feature back as well. Folders are endless on 10.3+ but being able to hide items would be a great addition.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    Thanks to Jay and Anthony for answering my question.

  • MartinJDub

    The best part was the 12:20 time she

  • Bryan

    Only problem I found with the 10.3 OS currently is my lock screen time and date is shifted to the left slightly so it’s not centered. Must be due to it not being optimized for the Z30 yet ):

  • petertinh


  • Anthony

    Nice video. 10.3 will be a marked improvement over 10.2.1.

    Voice assistant looks good. People use it when it’s good.

    When listening to the radio, can the user output to a bluetooth speaker? I can’t do that in 10.2.1, the radio only plays from the device speakers.

    • James Nieves

      I will look into this for you.

  • Hardays

    This is so AWESOME! I didn’t even know the active frames could be moved around. I love how android apps now load so fast.

    Can’t wait for the Full Version.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    How do you enable the radio on the Z30?

    • jay

      Plug your ear buds. That’s it.

    • Anthony

      Connect your earphones (or some other wire), then choose the radio tab in the Music app, then scan for stations.