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BerryFlow Upstream #16 ~ Crossroads (Season 1 Finale)

By September 28, 2014Podcast

This episode marks the end of our first season of Upstream. 16 episodes in, following an earnings call and the release of the BlackBerry Passport we certainly have a lot to discuss and new device experiences to share!

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@KevCollazo | Kevin
@jmznvs | James
@Risky_KillMoves | D. Stokes
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@Ronell_j| Ronell


Drop us a line let us know what you liked, and what you didn’t. Be sure to follow any or all of the lovely peeps listed above to track their musing online.

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James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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  • Chris

    Great look and feel and nice BlackBerry integration! Well done!

  • VC

    Folks: I have enjoyed following your thoughts and enthusiasm. You have stuck with it through the dark days and now clearly onto the brighter days ahead.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    I tuned in late to the Berryflow Upstream podcasts, but like many others I enjoyed the hard work you guys put forth to make the podcasts.

    I enjoyed the enthusiasm and insights that each of you provided as to what you liked from BlackBerry and to what we as fans/consumers will be possibly be enjoying in the very near future.

    I look forward to future podcasts. Stay golden!

  • xBURK (Shawn) “BB POWERED”

    So, we have heard a ton of well deserved praise for Chen and BlackBerry tonight. I would like to now add some for the entire Berryflow Crew. Seriously, you guys have been through the restructuring every step of the way. Not once did you miss a step in bringing the news in a professional, enjoyable and positive way. Be it through your Website or even more impressive, your Upstream shows. All the best and Thank You!
    xBURK (Shawn)

    • Alex Bass

      Huge compliment, thanks so much for being there with us along the way! Can’t wait to make future seasons even bigger and better!