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BlackBerry Passport Pictured With iPhone 6

By September 21, 2014Overview

We’re days away from the release of the BlackBerry Passport. A  new photo has emerged online this time showing off the monstrous Passport next to an iPhone 6. When the two are seen side by side it really puts things in perspective.

Pictured the cameras of both devices are aimed at a large plate of food. While the iPhone does pick up a good portion of the plate, the Passport with its massive 4.5″ 1:1 screen is unmatched in terms of how much is exposed to that 13MP OIS camera and viewable on screen.

Here’s the photo again, in full:

Overall the Passport is a beast of a device. The iPhone 6 with its modest specs is better compared to a device like the BlackBerry Z30 (which all around still kicks the iPhone 6s ass). Below I’ve columned some purported Passport specs alongside the specifications for the iPhone 6. Clearly, the Passport is a winner on many levels when compared.

Passport Specs

  • Quadcore
  • 13 MP OIS – Rear Camera
  • 4.5″ LCD 1440×1440
  • 453 PPi
  • 3450 mAh internal battery
  • 32GB Embedded Storage

iPhone 6 Specs

  • Dual Core
  • 8MP – Rear Camera
  • 4.7″ LCD 1334×750
  • 326 PPi
  • 1810 mAh internal battery
  • 16GB Embedded Storage

In closing, the iPhone is really no match for the Passport. Cut from a different cloth and aimed at a different breed. While I’m sure the iPhone does a great job for a typical consumer. The Passport stands for serious mobility for serious business.


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  • Jonathan K

    Why is the iphone 6 have “another” on screen home button in the picture with the passport. It goes to show u that stupid home button is wayyyyyyyyy outdated

  • Taqi

    I was an iPhone user and I thought that no other phone can be better than the iPhone. Now I’m using BlackBerry Z10 for a couple of months and it’s way better than iPhone I’m not surprised with the passport it’s definitely the next generation of smartphone I can’t wait to get my own one. Keep going blackberry you are the best

  • Frank

    Wow, the spec comparison makes iPhone look like a joke! The new iPhone is all gimmicks and smoke but the passport looks and sounds like it’s ready to help toy work!

    I can’t wait until tomorrow to try it out! I live in toronto so I hope they have a live unit somewhere

  • Jeff

    I agree, BlackBerry does need a better marketing strategy

  • Brian

    Can’t wait to get on here in the USA. Hopefully AT

  • Taiquan

    Dope!! As hell

  • Alan

    Cool looking picture. Among the things I look forward to mostly is the recognition the Passport will get in the wild. The Passport will exceed in recognition for and as a BlackBerry product like no other BlackBerry BB10 product/device has been able to do.

  • Jackberry

    Every android junkie I show off will be like cool. But at the same time I have one problem with BlackBerry. They can be stole and be used. Entering a password 10 times and the phone is urs just puts ppl off.

  • Andres

    BlackBerry need more advertising!! I love BB10

  • NRB

    Nice :)

  • PML

    New iPhones barely outperform the Z30 as per recent Geekbench ratings. Matter factly… they barely outperform the iPhone 5s. iPhones are overpriced year old tech sold at tomorrow’s prices.

  • Nisspecvan

    Agreed advertising is key to any comeback. I don’t remember the last time I saw a BlackBerry commercial.

  • Anthon Jackman

    I am very impressed with the Passport camera. I know my Q10 takes better pictures than my wife’s iphone 5 so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

  • Hunt

    They really should sale this on shop BlackBerry on day one

  • Ian B

    Can’t wait for this beast!!! PLEASE BlackBerry, sell it on shop BlackBerry dot com from day ONE!!! I can’t wait for AT

  • Ketan

    Thats really fantastic.. BlackBerry has no comparison yet.. awesome! Waiting for white BlackBerry passport

  • Illlya

    Specs mean nothing if there is no advertising. The people have to know that this phone is out there.