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OSBB Launches BerryFlow Into BlackBerry World

By September 16, 2014APPS, News

Earlier today, OSBB headed by developer elite Jeremy Duke @BerryInformed announced the release of Flow into BlackBerry World. We are very excited for the tremendous work that’s been put into this initial release which offers a rich, fully native experience for all that BerryFlow has to offer. With dedicated sections for the BlackBerry Initiative, BerryFlow Upstream, Blog and a filtered Categories section, Flow serves as a┬ábrilliantly simple and easy to use media extension for BlackBerry 10 enthusiasts.

In light of the Amazon deal, Jeremy and I both thought it imperative to remind users the key benefits of applications built natively. Experiences like the ones delivered within Flow are here to serve as validation of the power and uniquely innovative approach to UI BlackBerry has implored on this platform.


  • Filtered Categories
  • BlackBerry Initiative Showcase Center
  • Upstream Podcast Integration
  • Full Blog Access
  • BBM Connectivity
  • Bright / Dark Themes
  • Integrated Native Search
  • Return to Top via Logo in Header
  • BBM Channels Built In
  • Social Networks Quick Access In Header
  • Native Login
  • Native Commenting
  • Native “Reply To” in Comments
  • Cycling Active Frame
  • And User Manipulated Cache
James Nieves

Author James Nieves

Manning the helm here @BBRYFLOW. Feel free to shoot me an email.

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  • Mike

    Maybe a silly question but is this the new Crackberry? I’m kinda liking it. Great articles and reviews of products. It’s so good I’ve moved it to my first screen on my z10.

    • Thanks for the kind words Mike! Explore, we hope you continue liking what you see here!

  • Aimin

    The Bast.App

  • Alan

    Impressive! LOVE it! Keep it going. :)

  • Don McAskin

    Truly stunning, like the name says..FLOW. Smooth app. Bring us more.

    • James Nieves

      We are glad you’re enjoying it and are already brainstorming refinements/additions!

  • Darin Field

    This is an awesome app……love it

  • T. Michael Morrissey

    The APP is magnificent. Bravo! What an example to everyone else.

  • Simon

    I’m not even commenting on the article. I just got flow, hint said swipe left for comments and I just fell in love! Beautiful app guys, well done!

  • Hernan

    Great app. Nicely done.

  • Mania626

    Outstanding piece of work!!,very classy and professionally made,congrats!

  • GengBBM

    Too mainstream for native BB10 blog magazines app… Beat the CB app like hell yeahhh… Well Done

  • Karsten

    I already used the “beta” version . Smooth lay-out. Easy to use. Better than crackberry or n4bb App. Only the content can be improved

  • Ricky Davis

    Well done. Showing real ambition in the User experience.

    What else can Flow do? I’m hoping that the other BlackBerry blog sites are watching…

    People this is how it’s done!!

  • Kurtis

    Freaking awesome app. But one question: Why “Flow” and not, oh… I don’t know, BerryFlow?

    • Why CB10 and not CrackBerry? BlackBerry does not allow apps with “Berry” in the title due to branding issues.

  • AndyZ30

    I just downloaded the new BerryFlow from BlackBerry AppWorld and super job. I like it so far.

  • John Espinoza

    Excellent native app. Like the Channels link.

  • Mario

    Very well done, awesome flow.

  • Jeandry Brito

    Been a pleasure being a beta tester! Love the new splash screen. Hope BerryFlow can prosper in his thing.

  • Eyesopen1111

    Downloaded! Very cool! I love the splash page and native build. Thanks for such a strong effort.

  • Revy’Sketch

    This app is simply outstanding! What an incredible piece of work you’ve got here.

    • J Duke

      Thanks brother!

    • Revy’Sketch

      Thank YOU

  • Tinio Espinal

    Thanks God.

    I had been running the Beta version for a long time!!!