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Rado Hyperchrome Smartwatch Powered by BlackBerry 10

By September 19, 2014Concepts, Overview

Following the long expected announcement of an iWatch (AppleWatch), many in the community seemed divided on whether this was a market worth BlackBerry’s unique focus and innovative drive. While Apple played a Me-Too catch up with their largest Android competitors their AppleWatch does not seem to offer very much at all in terms of innovation.

Sure they repackaged and reinvented the watch. But they did not change the paradigm. BlackBerry actually went on record with John Sims highlighting that he would love to see BBM on wearables. Many misread the interview quotes and assumed that BlackBerry was working on their own wearable, when more likely than not, they are merely experimenting with in market wearables so as to leverage BBM beyond cross platform.

In comes Vladi (BBEvo Channel Pin: C00351E56) the same graphic artist behind the 10.3 Hub Reimagined concept posting from earlier this year. This time around he has built us a BlackBerry 10 powered smart-watch that truly innovates on the form factor and keeps business above pleasure.

I invite you to check out the extended showcases herein; at the designers Behance portfolio or within the BlackBerry Initiative (BBi) section here on BerryFlow.

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  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… Make this watch available NOW!!! I will preorder immediately when this smartwatch becomes available to do so – PLEASE give us a potential RELEASE DATE at the very least!!! I refuse to buy any Apple or generic smartwatch so WHAT needs to happen in order to make THIS RADO Smartwatch AVAILABLE? I will HELP in any way POSSIBLE to speed up the process PLEASE LET MYSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE KNOW ASAP!!!

  • Very nice concept! I agree with the masses! Produce this thing and take my money! Would buy one yesterday!

  • Rene

    I have to have this watch OMG! Blackberry I’m so proud of you!!!

  • DaneDucketts

    Now this is true innovation

  • Benjamin

    I don’t wear a watch. But I’ll make a comeback with one of these !

    • Brian

      I’m with you. It’s awesome looking

  • ColoIbarra

    So sweet!!!

  • Chippy55

    The part I don’t get is why I need two devices that tell the time. Meaning a phone and a watch. I think these time pieces are meant as a status symbol/piece of jewelry and functionality is secondary.

    The average person (not me) stares at their phone 150 times per day or about 6 times per hour. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven down the road and witnessed someone talking on their phone, now we’ll run the risk of more people staring at their phone instead of oncoming traffic, so one thing’s for sure: more accidents will be caused all becaused people are so scary important that they have to constantly text each other, or sext each other, and if they don’t get an immediate response then the other person HAS to be cheating on them because, why wouldn’t he/she immediately send me a reply? I’m so scary important!

    It’s another device that has to be charged overnight isn’t it? You can get an el cheapo battery operated watch for under $10 so I really don’t see the necessity for another gadget.

    • Kurtis

      The purpose of a smartwatches isn’t to replace your phone, just like your phone isn’t supposed to replace a smartwatch. They accompany one another, performing to make the “connectivity” of the internet world more fluid and effortless, to make it blend more or less seamlessly into your daily lifestyle

  • Tris77

    A perfect partner to a blackberry smartphone. I have resisted other brand smartwatches as I believe them to be more gimick than substance ( Apple watch) but I would trust blackberry to produce a watch with real value to the Eco system and user.

  • Dallin Crump

    Very slick concept and video!

  • Jeandry Brito

    It’s nice but it needs to show the notifications.

  • Alex

    I like the watch. However, you should be able to read notifications.

    My phone is not always in pocket and even when is there. I could not be accesible due to wearing a jacket, etc.

    Or the phone could be away from me, while the phone is charging, or im showering, etc.

    A smartwatch should be able to pass the message, so the user can take proper action.

    Also my current watch also control other devices via the phone thx to blue tooth.

  • Jarvis

    The concept is interesting but there are some flaws in some things that were shown in the video. 1: having swipe gestures on a watch like this would be troublesome because the gesture rim will be swiped by accident by ourselves or objects throughout the day. 2: the displays are not big enough to really show you useful alerts – text message preview email preview call alerts.

    • This is more of a hybrid smartwatch that gives context rather than content. I see your points, and acknowledge their validity but in the same turn, I don’t think that type of smartwatch was what the designer envisioned. It’s really suppose to supplement to your mobile device.

  • Anthony

    I like this. Much better than Apple and android.

  • RWB-

    I never wanted a wearable….until now. Very nice concept.

  • Coolhand

    I want one, like yesterday.

  • Dustin

    I find this very interesting. If BlackBerry did make a smartwatch the way Apple and Samsung are, I would probably be a buyer. It would go nicely with my Q5.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    I like their philosophy about what a watch should do in regards to our being connected.

    Other wearable manufacturers at this point are being redundant in duplicating what our phones are already doing.

    Until our wearables are able to operate like our phones with its own radios and Wi-Fi then they will not truly be as useful.

  • Wayno

    I’d love one, looks very sexy and distinguished!