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BBM Adds Premium Features, Aims Toward Subscription Model

By October 31, 2014BBM, Press Release

At the core of the BBM experience is privacy and control. These two notions are more important today than ever before as people are looking for simple ways to help guard against their messages getting into the wrong hands or being seen by anyone other than the intended recipient. New features for BBM introduced today enable users to communicate with more discretion and freedom. Features introduced today include:

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find in this latest release of BBM:

  • Timed Messages: Set how long contacts have access to messages and pictures shared in a chat*
  • Message Retraction: ‘Retract’ a message to remove it from your BBM chat*
  • A quicker sticker picker: Adding stickers to your BBM chats is now even quicker with a new picker
  • HD Picture Transfer: It’s easier than ever to get a high quality version of the pictures you receive in BBM
  • Discover Music: See what music your contacts are listening to in BBM Feeds.

“These new enhancements to BBM were highly requested so we’re excited to be delivering them to users today,” said John Sims, President Global Enterprise Services at BlackBerry. “These capabilities will allow our users to be more creative in how they deliver their messages while also being confident that their content is kept private and seen only by its intended recipient.”

* Timed Messages and Message Retraction are premium features that will be available free and without restriction to BBM users over the next three months. After this time, unrestricted access to these features will become part of a broader bundle of features that will be offered as part of a BBM subscription

Today’s announcement underscores the commitment to making BBM a world class privacy-focused instant messaging application. New features are available for download over the next couple of days for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, iPhones and Android smartphones by installing the latest BBM update in BlackBerry World, Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit the Inside BlackBerry Blog and check out new BBM videos on the BlackBerry Youtube Channel.

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  • Alex

    I think it will be free for BlackBerry OS10 and on subscription for other OS

  • Grant Bouchard

    Migrating users to BBM will take time. Integration and sharing between platforms becomes an effortless feature once BBM is installed and when you add BBM channels with 400 characters picture it becomes clear other apps feel compressed.

  • Marco Antonio

    Wrong decision! BlackBerry should keep this service for free on their devices to encourage other users to migrate from different platforms.

  • Andreas


  • Spades

    So, does this mean that even everyday users and owners of bbs need to subscribe to this functionality?