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BBM Aims at Snapchat, Touting Extended Privacy and Control

By October 20, 2014BBM, Outlook

In an interesting, if not foreshadowed turn of events, BBM took to the BlackBerry Blogs to unveil a new BBM Beta focused on privacy and control. This pending release offers a simple yet engaging way to send both timed pictures & BBM messages and retract messages that have been delivered to another device.

Extending their footprint which has grown in earnest this last year, BBM is very much aware of some of the implications ephemeral messaging have in the social set – and the privacy concerns that come therein. See ‘The Snappening’ 200,000 Snapchat Photos Leaked On 4Chan.

With BBM rounding out their messaging platform; tacking on new features like this which appeal in a layered way for users, gives more ammo to the legions of active BBM users across Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry. Capitalizing at precise moments will help vault the messenger beyond and keep the application top of mind.

BBM Channels, Glypmse integration, TransferTo integration, as well as forthcoming BBM Meetings are strong tells that BlackBerry is focusing on catalyzing the growth of BBM through partners to offer a rich ecosystem of utility and communication in order to enhance productivity for mobile professionals and consumers alike.

James Nieves

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  • Gordon

    Snapchat has always been a concept that made me nervous.

  • BBM right now is already the most secure instant messaging platform in existence.

  • Thayjeff

    Good to hear but I wish they would target Telegram as their security benchmark. They have got it down.

    • The default level of security offered by BBM today is already very secure, offering two layers of encryption for messages sent between BBM contacts. First, BBM uses a TLS to establish a secure connection between the smartphone and the server. TLS is a common web standard that is used for online shopping and internet banking. Additionally, BBM messages are encrypted using a triple DES 168-bit BBM scrambling key which encrypts messages leaving the sender’s phone, and authenticates and decrypts messages on the recipient’s phone. These two layers working together mean that you have secure messages flowing through a secure pipe. BBM Protected adds an additional layer of advanced encryption to this security model helping to meet the needs of the most security conscious organizations.

      We have discussed Telegram here before as a potential acquisition target: http://berryflow.com/2014/05/armchair-ceo-aquire-telegram-leap-motion/

  • J. Wilson

    What exactly is “TransferTo” integration, James?