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BBM Meetings Slated For Consumer Release in 2015

By October 13, 2014BBM

Just under 10 days ago, Brandon posted up some new information regarding BBM Meetings and its pending release with focused aim at Enterprises. He elaborated that it is a cross platform, cross device solution that allows video and voice conferencing. This was more or less a rumor from internal sources, now however, BlackBerry’s president for global enterprise solutions John Sims has come out in an interview with the Jakarta Post detailing the forthcoming service BBM Meetings. Which, as alleged, will go head to head with clients like WebEx to secure conference room communications and increase collaboration.

Executive Column: BlackBerry
to Renew Focus on Enterprise Market

Key interview excerpt: 

We will [also] soon be launching something called BBM Meetings. It is a service that allows voice and video conferences for groups of about 25 people.

It will initially be launched as an enterprise service this year and we will also expand it to the consumer market sometime next year […] It will have a presence on BlackBerry devices, iOS and Android. It will be on tablets and we will also have a desktop version.


The entire interview covers a lot of what we already know to be BlackBerry’s focus, enterprise. This focus will allow them to stabilize the nearly 70,000 enterprise customer base that utilize BlackBerry in one form or another and stem some of the services decline from hardware. Smart options like leveraging BBM into enterprise in a big way will allow BlackBerry to scale to meet the ever growing needs of their core customer base.


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  • Jarvis

    I like that BlackBerry is making it a priority to keep evolving BBM. However they are not doing a good job of it. Every so often we read articles about these new features that BlackBerry wants to implement into BBM and the time stamp they set for it is never met. An example of this is cross platform BBM video. Articles said it was to be released already and it has not. Releasing offerings from BBM that can let people communicate on a new level without having to have an iPhone will be a game charger for both enterprise and consumers if they actually give the consumers something.

    • James Nieves

      Focuses change. Everyone complains about BBM Video but BlackBerry needs to double down on Enterprise. Heins promised BBM Video and Chen has changed the rollout schedule to focus on enterprise software and services before consumer facing ones. I’d rather have Blend than BBM Video.

      They have to go where the money is. Given consumers have been slow to adopt BBM and there are numerous video messaging clients already cross platform. Better to temper their data infrastructure to compete against their enterprise rivals like WebEx; not Skype..

    • Jarvis

      I understand what you are saying James. However I just think that BlackBerry could use the consumers rely to leverage things in the enterprise space. Let the consumer use BBM video cross platform to work out bugs with have video chat with other platforms and then work in a smaller meetings feature then bring larger version to enterprise. But I can also see what you are saying leverage the enterprise to work out kinks and give consumer a good experience.

    • John Espinoza

      All great points. I’m happy they are focusing on Enterprise first. I was one that really thought they abandoned the consumer but seeing how so many people, especially enterprise customers are still on legacy devices blows my mind. But I do agree on what they are doing now, as long as they do it on time.

  • Alex

    Interesting. I wonder if they will charge for it.

  • Taiquan

    So when is BlackBerry 10.3.1 coming out