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Once again here on Sunday to share in a discussion on the latest BlackBerry occurrences. We’ll be speaking on some of the big news with Passport sales quotes, BBM Meetings info, and the latest BETA release that steps BBMs offering up further with privacy and security controls.

Please leave us a comment on the posting so we can engage and incorporate your commentary!

OCT 15th – 19th
‘Ephemeral Messaging’

•BBM Meetings
•Zoom Integration / Partnership
•Leaked 10.3.1
•Passport Demand CEO Comments
•New BBM Ephemeral Features
•Classic Developer Portal
•November 13th Launch Date

Join us, leave a comment and share in the discussion.


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  • Tampul

    I am yet to see a sales point or avalebility of the blackberry passport in Nigeria. Can you please connect me with one and price in Nigeria

  • sam

    i think, in terms of bringing new things to the platform, I, for one would’ve liked to have seen an iphone-esque global LTE (and 2/3g) radio implementation. I really think that blackberry missed a trick with the whole passport as a flagship mini-brand and a statement. prior to the launch of the passport, i was really hoping they were going to take full advantage of that and release a region-free passport built for travelling. i’m the furthest thing from an apple fanboy, and i love my z10, mostly because the software is phenomenal, but it still makes me that little bit jealous when i see someone with an iphone 5s in their hands sitting beside me on a transatlantic flight, knowing that they don’t even have to think about whether they will have 4g or not when they land! and the iphone 6 is the second generation of these region-free devices.

    additionally, i would like to see a renewed focus on one-handed use with the *fingers crossed* new POCKET and HAND-SIZED all-touch device that berryflow peeps have alluded to in previous podcasts. I beg of you blackberry, to release a device that is not too big to comfortably use one-handed. as a doctor that often needs to look things up quickly while fumbling with notes in the other hand on the fly, i was immediately drawn to the whole concept of BB10 on a z10 sized device. and although working wide is cool for all the professionals and doctors walking around in blazers, some of the people that need to “get things done” are actually on their feet using both hands and rely on the awesome UX features that have been at the core of BB10 from the start.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    The Classic and it’s launch will really bring those legacy users to BB10 and once they get used to it the PassPort will be seen as an upgrade from that.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    I like the fact that BlackBerry is making those partnerships so that they can complete the OS and their products to continue to appeal to their core audience.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    I hope that the PassPort unavailability doesn’t backfire in that they lose a potential billion in sales from not having the phone available when consumers jump ship.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    I think adding more features to BBM is a great thing. Apple excels at making products more appealing to the masses not necessarily making new products. BlackBerry could steal from their page and better implement features from other messaging apps then maybe the consumer will give BB10 a second look.

  • xBURK

    Just because one doesn’t find value in any new features coming to BBM, it doesn’t mean others feel the same. I say, bring it all. You’re not forced to use it. Plus, as these features become available, peoples check lists become smaller and smaller.

    • Great point Shawn. It allows more users and more value “Bring It!”

  • Madan Limaye

    Could BlackBerry create a secure hosting environment where companies like Snapchat, etc. could host their services – a secure wrapper/extension – something similar to Amazon’s E2C cloud or Microsoft’s Azure environment.

    • Sounds like Project Ion and QNX Cloud :)

    • Madan Limaye

      Interesting, I wasn’t aware that Project ION and QNX Cloud was going to compete against Amazon’s E2C and Microsoft’s Azure platform.

    • James Nieves

      It’s not. But when we talk about capability this is something BlackBerry can do. We’ll see if in fact it culminates into an official release to bolster their IOT efforts.

  • xBURK

    Blackberry: ‘Pulls People Backwards’
    I would bet my life that you will never see this in future advertising. :)

  • xBURK

    I’ve been using the Passport for three days now. Honestly, along with Blend and 10.3, everything else just seems outdated now.
    What surprises me the most? I’ve never carried a device that people wanted to look at or talk about. Just today, I was in a variety store in downtown Toronto. After the store clerk went nuts over seeing it in my hand, it turned into a ten min demo with not only him, but I swear 8 or so people who gathered in line. Crazy!

    • Brandon Orr

      That’s awesome, I’ve yet to see one in Toronto myself :(