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BlackBerry Taps Marketing Agency Gyro to Remake Its Brand

By October 2, 2014BlackBerry, News

BlackBerry wants to resurrect itself as a business brand. And it has tapped a top marketing agency to lead the charge.

According to Mark Bergen of Adage Age (www.adage.com), following a pitch, BlackBerry selected gyro as its global agency of record to promote BlackBerry Passport, its first new handset under CEO John Chen. The agency will also be responsible for communicating the company’s new focus on enterprise software and services.

BlackBerry previously worked with BBDO New York and London. Watchdogs and analysts criticized BlackBerry for its weak marketing campaign in the wake of the BlackBerry 10 OS launch which was to re-invigorate the brand and propel the company back into the forefront of mobile technology.

Gyro was picked for its flexibility and international scope, said Robert Glen, senior director of global brand marketing at BlackBerry. Gyro, which has run campaigns for HP and SAP, will spread its BlackBerry work across six offices spanning the globe. On Wednesday, the agency announced plans to acquire its French competitor Ailleurs Exactement.

 “The No. 1 objective is making BlackBerry synonymous with work,” – Mark Wilson, the senior VP-marketing, who began in January, told Ad Age in July.

Christoph Becker, CEO of gyro, called his task of re-launching the brand “any advertiser’s dream.” The campaign, dubbed “Work Wide,” leans on the Passport’s broad screen — built for business functions like reading email and spreadsheets — and the declaration the device is more secure than other smartphones. “If you’re not doing serious business, then you can take any other phone,” Mr. Becker said.

Still, Mr. Becker noted the pitch isn’t aimed at replacing consumer’s smartphones; they can still have an iPhone for play and a BlackBerry for work. That keeps the company out of the pitched battle in the category between Apple, Samsung and leaner competitors. “That war is not on their doorstep,” Mr. Becker said.




Brandon Orr

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  • Kevin Peigan

    Excellent…hope the get some awesome advertising out…that “Epic” video the bomb…real cool

  • BBZTEN Black Lantern

    Good to know, still long bbry

  • Sumeet Jadhav

    That sounds pretty great, but why did he say that People can use iPhone as their personal smartphone

    • Jack

      I agree… nobody wants to carry 2 phones. Only with the strictest security requirement should that be necessary.

      Some are willing, but they are giving something up by including that in the conversation.

    • Tinio Espinal

      I agree, don’t mention the competition by any means!

  • Isebor Patrick

    Yes, productivity sounds nice. The Passport, isn’t in Nigeria yet, and I can’t imagine way? They must ensure that the phone is available for purchase. I had to pre-order it from the UK! Please guys, make sure we can get the phone to buy.

  • Jack

    They need to stop saying “work” and make BlackBerry synonymous with “productivity. Work is a 4 letter word. By that, I mean that it has a negative connotation. I think that there is something to be said for this idea that you don’t to be getting paid for it, for it to be important. There are all sorts of people who need to be productive with their device, not just those who wear suits.

    • I have to agree with this.

    • Kiddo

      Not really. BlackBerry is about getting work done. For people who use BlackBerry work is not a bad word.

  • Victor

    It’s great to see Blackberry standing up and reaching for the more intelligent masses… here in South Africa BlackBerry remains the brand to have.

  • Gordon

    Good, they need some strong advertising.

  • Frank