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Work Wide App Brings Split-screen Usability to BlackBerry Passport

By November 14, 2014BlackBerry

Bless the native developers who still see a productive and agile mobile experience at the heart of BlackBerry 10. Toward that end a developer team @BrianScheirer and @olaf_d have colluded on creating a versatile split-screen container nativley on BlackBerry 10. The app utilizes small utilities within so users can choose what type of content they want displayed on each side of the screen. Users have slider control over the width of each side, and each half of the screen offers different utilities that can be paired for a rich multitasking experience.


The application comes in at $2.99 up front but considering how unique it is, I feel it’s a well cornered usability case. I find the idea very innovative because it’s honestly something I wish BlackBerry 10 offered as part of the OS experience. To see developers filling obvious gaps like this in the platform remind me how much more the whole system has to grow.

You can save entries for easy access later, you can invoke cards for documents and PDFs,  easily connect with the BlackBerry share framework and shoot off a quick email. Overall this is what each side offers.

While I’d love to see more from these sections it’s only version 1 release – keep that in mind.

Right Side: Composer, Calculator

Left Side: Browser, Calculator, Picture Viewer, Text Doc

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  • Christopher

    It’s a great app!

  • Berrymagnet

    I would like this app (or something similar, perhaps baked into the OS itself? ) to work in landscape mode for the Z10 and Z30

  • Anthon Jackman

    That’s so awesome, I can’t wait to use that application.

  • Frank

    Now, I just NEED the Passport to make it here in the US. This is getting ridiculous!!!!