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BlackBerry Flow Slider Design Concept

By December 31, 2014BlackBerry 10, Concepts

This is the BlackBerry Flow┬áslider. It’s a concept design that takes the best in class touch enabled 3 row keyboard from the BlackBerry Passport and redistributes this innovation into a new body. This thin, high profile slider takes the form factor beloved by die hard BlackBerry Torch users and reimagines it with the power and efficiency of BlackBerry 10.

White version also glows in the dark, because, why not?

This is a high end all touch done in a way the market no longer does. The slide out keyboard gives you the best of 16:9 touch with the dedicated input of physical keys that make us so productive. It’s rendered here in white, black and of course, BerryFlow blue.

With a screen between that of a Z10 and Z30 in dimension this slider would sport all the top line specs that we have on the Passport. A large battery within the device and maybe a rapid-charge secondary battery within the keyboard housing for even weight distribution.

We hope you enjoy these concepts. Coming for MWC 2015 we may just see a less traditional slider type device from BlackBerry. These images are merely to wet the whistle. We wish you happy holidays and look forward to more from us in the new year.

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

Manning the helm here @BBRYFLOW. Feel free to shoot me an email.

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  • Marlon

    Awesome design!!
    I only see it working though if the screen was wider. It’s to large and narrow to have a keyboard at the bottom, and I am curious to how swiping up would work since your fingers would most likely hit the bottom of the screen. I think you should lose the passport style keyboard and make it 4 rows

  • Robert Brosius

    AndyZ30 has a good concept based on the Classic and the Torch 9800– I’ll always love that design. The Passport sized slider could be tricky, but innovation is at the very root of the Passport design. I love the glow in the dark feature. It could be incorporated into the blue model too! That would be stunning.

  • Armin Farzin

    if it’s going to be real, I’ll give my life to have one ! This concept design is killing it ! really cool face for a BB device …

  • Marco Antonio

    Great concept! I miss my Torch since the BlackBerry 10 software migration…

  • Chris

    This is what I want. It is the perfect phone. They better make this asap.

  • Chris emvic

    Well the design is cool is beautiful

  • Fernando

    Cool! I hope BlackBerry take note!

  • Nick

    This looks close to those Patents BlackBerry (RIM back then) files in 2012. The Tablet with a hidden keyboard that slides out, but also converts into a Netbook.
    This Concept does look very nice. And highly Innovative. Hope John Chen is looking at it.

  • RJM

    This is an absolutely gorgeous concept. It satisfies those longing for an all-touch device while still holding on to the efficient idea of a keyboard. I would love a device like this if BlackBerry were to design and release it. It’s like what would happen if you took the Z30 and the Passport, mixed it together, and added steroids or something. Though some of the comments here mention a battery, the main concern I have here is size and efficiency of the battery itself due to the relative thinness of the device. Bigger screens require larger batteries to make up for the added screen real estate, so I would hope that a super battery were included.

    If only, though. BlackBerry probably won’t release a device that resembles this.

  • AndyZ30

    I’m not a fan of this render using the Passport. If I were to imagine an idea for a flip-keyboard BlackBerry 10 phone, I would imagine a Classic sized full touchscreen face and a keyboard flip out like the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

  • D from the north

    New to the site so I apologize in advance. I have a Passport and want to know if Berryflow will be updated to work with the Passport. I’m used to and loving being able to scroll down by swiping along the keyboard. Is this in the works for Berryflow? Thank you.

    • Yes, this is automagically fixed on 10.3.1 OS.

  • Uday kumar

    Secondary camera with flash missing

  • murti

    wow, if this goes official I think it will be the only reason that I won’t be buying the passport and stick with my z10 until this become real!

    if they add the physical keyboard touch as the passport does.. that would be perfect

  • Qaczy

    I think it’s nice concept but iPhone has that Typo 2 and unfortunately it’s uncomfortable. However another proportion will be great. BTW that Flow app is awesome!

  • Barabilongme

    Awesome concepts. The smartphone need new innovative ideas

  • Anthony

    I am not going to lie a glow in the dark version of a BB phone will be amazing and a first because no one else will have that. I have a feeling with the Roadmap for 2015 at MWC will have more of a consumer focus since John Chen did say 2015 is for growth…..

  • Gordon

    I do find that my hands can get a little cramped when typing long drafts on my passport but I wouldn’t say that it is top heavy. It took about ten minutes to find a fairly comfortable way to grasp the device while typing. Not sure that I would like a narrower device as depicted though. My Z30 now feels small when trying to use. I still love how my Z10 feels in the hand but the screens now way too small for me. Hard to go backwards.

  • Rob Luck

    Wow, not a bad render! I’m game! Love @Pootermobile and I’m changing wallpapers almost daily thanks to them!

    • That’s great to hear Rob, I’ll forward the praise to Marco :)

  • Tris1977

    Trust me on this. As great as the passport is, it is somewhat a handful and in no way as easy to type with as a Classic. I have both and for me personally I do find I don’t handle it as well due to the weight and low line keyboard. But as has been explained, if more weight is centred at the bottom like the slider in the article then I can see no reason why it wouldn’t balance. All the top half would consist of is just the sreen.

  • Berrymagnet

    And I’ll give my right one Osmank4!! Wow it looks gorgeous. Although typing with keyboard so low and top heavy screen might be hard. A bit like some of the comments about the Passport

    • There’s an extra battery within the keyboard housing for better balance and weight distribution ;)

    • aodash

      The comments about the Passport are just that – comments. They have to be coming from people that are speculating and have never held one. I’ve had a Passport for over a month and have no feeling that it is top heavy.

  • Tris1977

    Looks really cool and I would love to see more innovation from BlackBerry after the Passport. My problem with this design as beautiful as it is, is the fact of how it would balance in the hand with having such a narrow plane to type on so low down on a relatively tall device. This really would be top heavy. Keep them coming though. The more people experiment…. the better!

    • There’s an extra battery within the keyboard housing for better balance and weight distribution ;)

    • Osmank4

      Good answer

  • Osmank4

    I’d give up my left ball for one of these