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BlackBerry Classic Event Shows Renewed Device Focus

By December 18, 2014News, Outlook

Yesterday, BlackBerry launched its highly anticipated smartphone – the BlackBerry Classic – a no-nonsense smartphone built to meet the needs of productive people who appreciate the speed and accuracy that can be found with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The BlackBerry Classic responds to customer demand for a familiar design, but upgrades the classic look with high-performance and modern features. Similar in appearance to the iconic BlackBerry Bold 9900, the BlackBerry Classic has a three times faster browser, 60 percent more screen space, 50 percent longer battery life, and greater variety of apps through BlackBerry World and the Amazon Appstore. The BlackBerry Classic also comes preloaded with the BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS, which means users will have access to features including BlackBerry Blend, BlackBerry Assistant and dual app storefronts.

Other news relayed at the event included:

  • The Secure Productivity Bundle and the Enterprise Communicator Bundle, for corporations looking to extend productivity benefits to their employees at a reduced cost. Organizations can take advantage of BBM Protected and BBM Meetings to enhance security and productivity. Additionally, BlackBerry’s VPN Authentication eliminates one-time password tokens and PIN reset costs, and BlackBerry Blend for Enterprise seamlessly brings messaging and content from BlackBerry smartphones to computers and tablets.
  • Global Availability Statement: BlackBerry is working with carriers and partners to deliver BlackBerry Classic to customers around the world. North American customers can purchase the BlackBerry Classic online today through Amazon.com and www.BlackBerry.com for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada. Both Verizon and AT&T will support the Classic, with AT&T carrying it in all its retail locations
  • Mackenzie Health, a dynamic regional healthcare provider serving a population of more than half a million people, announced that they will use BlackBerry Classic within their organization.
  • Ingram Micro Inc. announced that they will launch BlackBerry Classic. They also announced that they will offer two Enterprise Bundles, the Secure Productivity Bundle and the Enterprise Communicator Bundle.
  • Enterprise Application Portfolio, BlackBerry announced today an expansion of its enterprise application ecosystem available on the BlackBerry Classic, including partnerships with Aderant, Bighand Inc., Bloomberg LP, Box Inc., CellTrak Technologies, Cisco Systems Inc., Entrust, GoldCare, InterAct, Onset Technology, Rekoop, Salient Federal Solutions, and SAP.

Any questions from the event? Sound off below. How did you like the live stream and announcements?

“The business phone you trust with the power you couldn’t imagine. With more power and control than ever before. Along with everything that’s given you the edge since day one. This is the power to work faster. This is the power to work harder, and this is the power to achieve more. This is your power.”

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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  • Ken Jones

    Don’t see the hype, BlackBerry is still behind the times, how can you win back businesses when you dismiss the masses, businesses are catering to their staff and I for one am tired of playing catch up

    • Anthony Roberts

      Yup and he knows this that is why 2014 was more focusing on his core but with 2015 and at the MWC he will reveal the roadmap which will have more of a consumer focus. He knows that the consumer cannot be ignored, he just needed to stabilize the company first then growth later which is JC focus in 2015 :)

  • Jon raymonds

    John chen is the man we believe in you to bring Blackberry back

  • Andreas

    I need 10.3.1 for my Z30 please

  • Rob Luck

    RE: the mood of the room. While I was watching the event online, I couldn’t help but notice how the applause and general context of the audience was more or less hesitant. I can understand that, to a degree.

    Yes, the Classic is late; yes, it’s what the Q10 should have been. Yet, it’s here now, has a fantastic upgraded OS, and is ready for the business it was built for. I’m nothing but excited and while I have no idea when I’ll be able to have one of my own, I’m anticipating being the evangelist I’ve been with every BlackBerry I’ve ever owned. :)

  • xBURK

    Hey James. Hope you and Jubei are staying out of trouble? Question: How was the mood of the room after the event?

    • It was solemn. Everyone seemed to understand exactly what the device was about – even if they knew it wasn’t necessarily a device for them.

  • JJ

    It was good to see a focus on devices, we as BlackBerry fans always knew this to be there but now the media was given the info up front. I can’t wait for MWC and CES. It seems that BlackBerry is really starting to hit their stride. Also, it was food to see the initial review of the Classic were mainly positive with only a few typical pot shots and incorrect details about specs. That said, it still amazes me that even with all the trouble BlackBerry went through to definitively depict where the device was targeted and why it was designed as it is that some reports still cam out and said “the design is not new, the camera is not the greatest, the consumer apps are not all there, BlackBerry is going forward with the past.” I swear there is a jar that these hack media operations use with BlackBerry cliches and they just pull them out as needed when writing a story. However, all in all, the launch was great, JC is a true leader and BlackBerry is back.

    • Alan

      What are you saying James? You resisted the bait at $349? Would be ultra cool if the Classic ends up selling lots and lots. Would be awesome actually.