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The BlackBerry Classic Is A Win-Back Device

By December 16, 2014Overview

Tomorrow we will witness the last BlackBerry device launch of 2014. BlackBerry has launched a range of devices from the an all touch 5″ Z3 with an affordable price tag, a Porsche Design P9983, an innovative BlackBerry Passport with a touch enabled keyboard, and to close the year a throw back to the legacy of old. The BlackBerry Classic will be a win-back device. To steal users from legacy BlackBerry OS onto the new platform and tap into the nostalgia of those who long ago left their BlackBerry for greying pastures.

On December 17th the device will be launched in New York City, Frankfurt, and Singapore. BerryFlow will be live at the New York event taking it in for our readers. Already, preorders in North America for the Classic device have sold out. Will be exciting to see how well the device does once it’s officially in the hands of end users. The device is not a powerhouse spec wise, but ultimately with the many improvements that come alongside the 10.3.1 launch software you can expect the device to perform without obstacle.

The BlackBerry Classic (New York,NY) event will be live streamed starting at 10:00AM EST. You can follow the button below to partake in the live festivities. Be sure to follow @BBRYFLOW for the live tweets from Singapore and New York!


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  • Venkatesh Kulkarni

    Really it has awesome look

  • Sumeet Jadhav

    It’s February guys… And its hell of a wait since the Passport is out with 10.3. ready… :(

  • Big Chief

    Nice to hear that they sold out in the States.

  • Gordon

    The phone looks sweet but I just bought a passport and think I will be pretty happy with that device.

  • Merritt Cluff

    I hope I am wrong about the uptake of this phone…

  • Rob Luck

    Can’t wait!!! I’ll be following closely…the Passport is quite the phone and I’d love one, but the Classic is really the device I’ve been waiting for since my 9900 in 2011 :)

  • Chuck

    Coming back strong! The only thing I miss about my Torch is the trackpad, but I’m sticking with this Passport for the foreseeable future.

  • Alex Marsh

    I have two mechanic co-workers that have been buzzing at work about their excitement for the classic. Both are upgrading from the 9700. I think there are quite a few legacy physical keyboard fans out there that have been holding out for this device. It’s pretty exciting to see.

  • T. Michael Morrissey

    I will make certain to log in via your wonderful channel site. Keep up your great work.

  • Danny

    I sure hope so! I want the official OS.

  • Danny

    Does this mean 10.3.1 will be released?

    • Anthony

      I have a feeling that tomorrow they are going to announce 10.3.1 for all new devices

    • Stu Katsu

      That would be absolutely awesome. It would blow my mind if they did that. Fingers crossed…