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BlackBerry Manitoba Mid Range All Touch Pictured

By December 14, 2014News

Our good friend @Kyle27_ sent in some pictures of the next BlackBerry all touch. Codenamed Manitoba, this midrange all touch has allegedly been renamed several times throughout the course of its development. First, there was a mid-high end all touch dubbed the Ontario, which was subsequently cancelled by Ron Louks. Then, a rumored Manitoba device. Some sources suggest the Manitoba been reclassed as the Rio (time will tell I believe they are two different devices). With Foxconn in the pocket for development this device will be more of a Z10 refresh than a Z3 upgrade, although maintain the form factor and size of the Z3.

These images were pulled from a recently leaked OS and show off images of a slightly altered device with accents from the Z3 and Passport fused into one body. Overall the device is heavier and thicker than the Z3 while offering a much needed spec boost and updated radio.

Now, to say this is the FINAL design would be a bit brash. This device is clearly been on the books for some time. I expect further refinements before it officially lands in market. Hopefully there is still a “high-end” all touch, but much like the Z3 launch BlackBerry is wanting to start off the year with a solid all touch offering within the first two quarters.

Rio, Ontario, Manitoba, whatever it ends of being called, I’m just glad to see they’re still playing around with the all touch form factor. Many users are happy with their Z30s and many users are also itching for the next big device from BlackBerry. This may not be that device, but it does show that BlackBerry is focused on creating powerful – yet affordable handsets to meet their customers where they feel most comfortable.

Z3 or Manitoba, which device would you prefer?

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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    Manitoba by far. Not really happy with the low Z3 specs. It’s 2015, there should be much better spec’ed BB10 devices than this. Manitoba should be a Quad-Core at the very least, or a much faster Dual-Core with a powerful GPU.

  • Brian Mosher

    I am a Z10 owner from a year and a half. If a new touch style is offered, my preference would be for the Passport as a touch free.

  • Tinio Espinal

    I forgot about the camera in my last post Which is a deal breaker.

  • Tinio Espinal

    Manitoba for now because of the specs and I also think that any device they decide to launch must be like more up to date in terms of the design (thinner) , display, etc.

    • ELLAS

      Thinner does not mean better. Just look at the iPhone 6 Plus, its been proven and fact based, that device bends quite easy. The Z30 thickness and the Passport thickness is good and solid. That is what I prefer.

  • Krishna TSSS

    Z3 is good and successful mobile, a successor to this is a good and better option to boost sales. I would like comment on passport, passport costs 50k in india, I don’t know why it didn’t had waterproof technology / warranty. Even though it seems 50k an addon of waterproof technology can make it easily forgettable.. also think on gorilla glass also.. these are life savers for my dear blackberry..

  • Abhishek Jaiswal

    Unlike S5 ,3g only version, which was sold at par value with with 4g version , blackberry keeps it moral at high

  • Abhishek Jaiswal

    Hope it to be as successful as Z3 and passport ( classic results still awaited)

  • Big Chief

    Yes it is about time for an upgrade for the Zed 10. Let’s wait and see what is in the works. Will some want a mid-tier or a flagship device?

  • Maulik

    Looks so much like a Z3. Will wait for more pictures and info before making any further judgement. Thanks James!

  • Daniel

    I think the ultimate blackberry is I think is the Passport- combines a capacitive key board with a wide screen. I’d like to see more capacitive keyboard gestures – using the keyboard as a stylus, as well as touchscreen gestures.

  • Yes, I would like to see a Z30 successor, a new BlackBerry all touch device. The Z30 is very good, but a new device with better specifications and more RAM would be great!

    Also an all touch Passport would be something, that would be a great eye catcher!

    • David

      I love my Z30 — but I do wish it were compatible with AT

    • The unlocked GSM versions from ShopBB STA-5 works very well with LTE on AT&T

  • JJ

    Seeing that the Z10 is the oldest BB10 device it makes sense that it sees a refresh first in 2015. Q10 just got the classic, Z3 is still relatively new, it will be safe to assume that the Z30 will be next in line for an upgrade by mid year and that will be the high end all touch that many are waiting for. It would fit nicely along side the Passport. That way BlackBerry would have a all touch and qwerty flagship. Furthermore, that would leave the back half of the year for them to launch another innovative phone like they did this year with the Passport. Slider perhaps.

    • Abhishek Jaiswal

      Hope so

  • Merritt Cluff

    I am hoping for a z30 high end device or maybe a passport touch which improves on speed, camera, radio etc. BlackBerry needs to develop its touch keyboard more, so that quick keys or jestures can improve productivity.

    • Jarvis

      There isn’t much need of shortcut keys when the phone is gesture based. All that is needed is for added actions in the over flow menu. However a lot of this stuff will be addressed in 10.3.1