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This last week at CES 2015, BlackBerry and their QNX subsidiary shared a string of announcements, partnerships and unveiled a roadmap into the Internet of Things (IoT). With over 50 million vehicles shipping with QNX embedded architecture, BBM expanding to Android Wear and a highly scalable, secure IoT platform, BlackBerry CEO was quoted following unveiling with – “Now the fun beings.” We sum up and extrapolate the week here with you.

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Jan 5th-11th

CES Day One QNX Announcements
How Do You Scroll Poll Results
Android Back to BlackBerry Op/Ed
BlackBerry News CES Day 2 Coverage
AT&T Redesigned Passport Gallery

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  • Kernan

    Nice to watch

  • Jo

    Any way to subscribe using the Nobex app?


    • Yes you can use this link to get our podcast RSS. As well, it’s available on our home page alongside the latest .mp3 download.

  • Merritt Cluff

    Good discussion if maybe a bit long ! I think the iot field is difficult to get a handle on even for cars, watches etc. Maybe when robots get more developed… I reiterate my desire for a high end device with competitive camera, processor, screen that does not have a keyboard. I would really like to see you guys discuss the Google services issue. Both ios and android have this, BlackBerry does not. What can be done?