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Hub Browser Tightens Security Measures

By February 9, 2015APPS

When it comes to device mobility, security is a must and Hub Browser has demonstrated that need for security with a recent update to provide secure browsing.

Whilst browsing on mobile devices is now more popular, compared to desktop web browsing1, than it ever has before: users are still not secure when it comes to browsing the internet. Yes, you can clear your browsing history and favorites but there will always be a way to infiltrate your information: that could be through someone stealing your device or by someone tracking your information remotely through insecure applications2 but there is a way to prevent this – that is where Hub Browser comes in.

Hub Browser originally started out as just a utility application to make opening links on your BlackBerry 10 device a much quicker process by opening a web component over the top of your current application or whilst you were in the BlackBerry Hub but now it has evolved into so much more than that. Now Hub Browser provides a secure way for you to browse the internet through a new development called Timelock. Timelock is a new addition to mobile security – much like when we saw the addition of the picture password technology introduced for OS 10.2.1 – but Timelock goes beyond the password as it uses a combination of an application password and a timer; you can set a timer so that the application gets periodically locked until you enter the password and of course, the password can be set so that every time you open a link, you must enter the password before you can view the content. Timelock offers that additional layer of security that professionals and users alike, who use BlackBerry devices for their work, are looking for as it will only allow the owner of the device to access links through Hub Browser because there isn’t a way to reset the password on the password screen because resetting the password, without knowing the password, has become a popular way of hackers gaining access to your personal information3.

Recently, a high-level security analysis was carried out to show applications that are breaching user confidentiality and stealing information from users; the report found that Hub Browser was not in breach of user confidentiality and was not stealing information from users so, Hub Browser passed the test as being ‘Clean’.

App Security Report


As all users should have the right to a more secure browsing experience, BerryFlow are giving away 200 copies of Hub Browser and if you have more than one BlackBerry 10 device – with the same BlackBerry ID – then you can redeem Hub Browser across all of your devices as many times as you wish.

Just simply head into BlackBerry World and redeem: HBBBRYFLOW


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